The 360 Apprenticeship


With Kate Shela + Amber Ryan



The First Round
March 2022 – June 2023



Below are the application and requirements for
The Apprenticeship round that is currently in Session.


Applications and Details for the next round
will become available soon.
Our intention is to begin the next round
in the spring of 2024.
If you have an interest in applying or have any questions
in regards to The Apprenticeship please email

Becoming a teacher is a life-long devotion
to being a student.
We are excited and humbled to embark upon
the journey of inviting 36 facilitators
on the path of holding embodiment space The 360 Style.


This is our first apprenticeship.

Every footstep on our path has led us to this
fecund land.
This wisdom bundle is sprinkled with muscle and tenacity,
folded in with memory and discovery.
It is ripe and ready.


Firsts are not for everyone.
Firsts are for some.
We will learn together.
We will set sail on this sweet voyage
and grow a new shape of whole bodied knowing.

The 360 Apprenticeship will be a 14 month experience
for 36 individuals.
You will study in the midst of a potent circle of humans,
each of whom have unique and varied abilities.


There will be both online and in person components.
For our online components, if you are in a time zone that is sleeping whilst we are in the zoom room,

then you will have access to the recordings.
Everyone will have access to the recordings to practice skills and revisit content.
All apprentices will need to be present for our in person modules.
There will be 3 in person modules.


Your training will include 1:1 sessions with both Kate + Amber
As well as with other professional and assistant teachers to further hone your unique skill set.


This will be a life changing, life giving experiment and experience.


Each apprentice will bring their unique skill set to this sacred appointment
and will be supported in sourcing their personal gifts and talents.
Each apprentice will learn The 360 Embodiment map.

We know there are numerous embodiment trainings available
and some of you are looking around to discern which is your best fit.
As you should be.

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Dear Dancer,


Becoming a teacher is a lifelong passion.
A call to creative service.
To facilitate you must know yourself deeply.
To know you will continue to emerge.
To become a balance of courage, strength and vulnerability.
A path that requires you to remain a lifelong student of curiosity.
To show up and practice.
To face yourself.
To follow your calling.
It is not an easy path but for those who are truly called,
it is a deeply rewarding one.

You are ready to step into facilitation when you have had
your own 10,000 dances of self discovery.
Along the way, there is an organic occurrence where
from a deep well of center, you begin to see outside of yourself
and naturally hold space for others.
It is a bridging location.

There is a great joy and responsibility
in facilitating living moving experiences.
The 360 is ready to step
into the journey of apprenticing others.
Ready to prepare 36 Embodiment Facilitators.
To offer the emerging medicine of The 360.

Please take your time to fully read and digest the information that will follow.
Should this resonate for you,
we look forward to receiving your application.


With deep respect and love,
Kate + Amber


Pre-Requisites for
2022 Apprenticeship:


Some folks will be fully ready to enter The 360 Apprenticeship.
Others may have more preparatory work to undertake before acceptance.


Attend the following:

•  The 360 Compass


• The Circle Work

•  FEELINGS | June 2022


If you were not able to attend The 360 Compass and SEER in real-time,
the recorded offering is available for purchase on request.


Attend approximately one 360 Lab per week, finding a balance between both Kate + Amber’s Labs.

These Labs can be online or in person.
Minimum Lab Hours: 108
Can be past labs or future.

Application Process

2022 Application Process:

The application process is an education
of self-reflection, vision, and skill.


Because of the size and intention of our apprenticeship,
not everyone who applies will be invited into the circle.
The first apprenticeship is for those who are already
holding space in various modalities and for those who are ready to step into facilitating.


Each applicant, whether accepted into the program or not,
will receive input that will help pave your path forward.


There is a non-refundable application fee of $180.

Should you be received into the apprenticeship, the $180 will apply towards your overall fee.
Should you not be accepted you will not receive this $180 fee back.
You will receive input to deepen your 360 practice and your studentship.

For those of you who are almost ready, we will steer you in the direction
to prepare you for the next round of apprenticeship. 


It is also important for each applicant to understand that
the apprenticeship style of training is not a checkbox course.
This will be a rigorous communal and individual experience
where you will become proficient in embodiment,
facilitatorship, leadership, seership, and DJ skills in a congruent way.


There are 4 aspects to the Application itself:


•  Written Application

•  Video Submission (NO MORE than 15 minutes in total length)

•  Music Playlist (30-40 minutes in length)

•  Non-Refundable $180 application fee


There is an application checklist available below that will map out
the whole process so you can be proficient in your time
and feel supported in this self exploration.


The application link at the bottom of the page will allow you to begin your application on the web.
You will be allowed to save your work and revisit your
application before you submit.
If you prefer typing it out in a fillable PDF, click here to download the form.
By completing the PDF, you will need to email the completed form along
with a current photo of yourself to



Only after we receive all of your materials;
written application, video submission, music playlist, and application fee,
will your application be complete.

With the amount of attention we are asking you to take with this process,
we are taking the same with reviewing your application.
Please be patient with our response.


We are requesting all applications be turned in by October 1st.
If you will need more time, please let us know. 

Feel free to ask questions along the way by emailing


Apprentice : Origin from Old French aprentis : from apprendre ‘to learn’.



What skills will I hone at The 360 Apprenticeship?


•  Learning The 360 Tool Kit

•  Expanded Embodiment

•  Somatic + Vocal Leadership Skills

•  Playlist Curation

•  DJ proficiency in Traktor Pro

•  Embodied Seership

•  Working with Ordinary + Non-Ordinary

•  Being Leaderful, Clear + Fluid

•  Presentation

•  Production Skills

•  The Business of Movement Facilitation

•  Social Justice + Inclusion Awareness

•  Conflict Resolution Skills

•  Holding a Container with Integrity

•  Learn to Navigate Group Dynamics

•  Technical Skills to Teach Online and In-Person 

Training Overview + Investment

2022 Details:


The first round of The 360 Apprenticeship will be a 14 month experience.
You will study in the midst of a potent circle of humans,
each of whom has unique and varied abilities.


There will be both online and in person components.

 Everyone will have access to the recordings for the online components.

This will allow you to revisit content, and give those who are in
opposite time zones an opportunity to receive the content.

All apprentices will need to be present for our in-person modules.
There will be 3 in person modules.


Your training will also include 1:1 sessions with both Kate + Amber,
as well as with other professional and assistant teachers
to further hone your unique skill set.


This will be a life changing, life giving experiment and experience.



Training Overview:

This will be a 200 hour training


• Three in-person modules + one online module.
**Updated 11/3/21


1st Module:  March 22nd- April 1st, 2022 | Residential in Costa Rica
2nd Module:  September 2022 | Online
3rd Module:  February 2023 | 7 days | Residential Location TBA
4th Module:   June 2023 | 10 days | Residential Location TBA


• Eight online sessions throughout the 14 months. 


• Three  1:1 sessions with Kate and Amber.



2022 Tuition Investment:



Tuition includes course content, group and individual work. Fees for housing, food and travel are not included.

A down payment of $3000 is needed to secure your space. $2820 after your initial $180 application fee.

50% of the total cost is due by the beginning of Module one, March, 2022.

Another $3,000 is due by the beginning of Module two, September, 2022.

The final payment will need to be received by Module three, February, 2023.

Payment plans will be available.

Begin Your Journey Now

This will be a life changing intimate ritual.
An adventure story.

If this news makes you jump for joy,
makes your cells go Fuck Yeah!
If you feel a strong gut knowing.
Then come work with us
on Zoom and in-person rooms.
We need to go deeper.

If you wish to apprentice with us, begin to prepare physically, energetically and financially.
Get ready to harness your vision and intent.

2022 Application Check List

A document to track your application process.

2022 Application Form

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2022 Application Process Fee

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