The 360 Apprenticeship


With Kate Shela + Amber Ryan



~2024 Application Period is Now Closed~
Details of the Next Round Coming Soon.

Becoming a teacher is a lifelong devotion
to being a student.
Every footstep on our path has led us to this
fecund land.


The 360 Apprenticeship is a living breathing wisdom bundle
interlaced with rigor and tenacity.
It is not for everyone.


The 360 Apprenticeship is an initiation portal to become leaderful,
shed old ways of being and step into wholehearted service.


You are invited onto the path of becoming
An embodiment facilitator of The 360 practice.


If this appointment is ripe for you,
You will study in the midst of a potent circle of humans,
each of whom will have unique and varied abilities.
The education will be both individualized and part of
a circular model of teaching, learning, and belonging.

The 360 Apprenticeship will be a 360-day experience.
There will be 4 Modules.
The 3 in-person Modules will require your full physical in-person attendance.
One of the Modules will be Online and also require your attendance.


In addition to the above Modules, we will meet once a month
on Zoom for our Online Session components.
If you are in a time zone that is sleeping whilst we are in the Zoom room,
you will have access to the recordings. And content is best received in real time.

Everyone will have access to the recordings from the Online sessions
to practice skills and revisit content.

Your Apprenticeship will include:

Professional Training on Facilitating the Transformative Healing Embodied Art of
The 360 Emergence
Leadership Skills
DJ Skills
Emphasis on Vocal Transmission
Coaching Sessions within the Group field of The Apprenticeship
1: 1 Sessions with both Kate + Amber
Special Guest Teachers
Ongoing Mentorship


This will be a life-changing, life-giving experience.


Each apprentice will bring their unique skill set to this sacred appointment
and will be supported in sourcing their personal gifts and talents.
Each apprentice will learn The 360 Embodiment map.

We know there are numerous embodiment trainings available
and some of you are looking around to discern which is your best fit.
As you should be.

Details below expand upon The Apprenticeship program
and the requirements for consideration.


The capacity for this next round is 36 Apprentices. 
We will begin the approval process to fill these spaces
as we receive the applications.
Because of the limited space, we encourage you to submit early.
4 Spaces Remain.

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Pre-Requisites for
The Apprenticeship:


Some folks will be fully ready to enter The 360 Apprenticeship.
Others may have more preparatory work to undertake before acceptance.
And for some it might become clear that this path is not for you at this time.
We honor and respect the courage that it takes to be vulnerable and fill out
An application such as this.

Attend the following Immersions:

•  The 360 Compass
•  The Circle Work

We strongly suggest participation
in both All Night and Zero.

If you were not able to attend The 360 Compass and SEER in real time,
The recorded offering is available for purchase on demand
and we aim to offer SEER In April of 2024 in person.


In addition to Immersions, it is time for you to develop a regular practice
by stepping into The 360 Movement Labs.
Labs can be accessed through our online lab library,
through upcoming monthly and eventual weekly online sessions,
or in person with any certified Facilitator of The 360 Emergence.

These Labs can be online or in person.
Minimum Lab Hours: 108
Can be past Labs or future.
Once you have fulfilled The 360 Compass,
You can use any Compass offering towards these 108 hours.

Application Process

Application Process:

The application process is an education
of self-reflection, vision, and skill.


Because of the size and intention of The Apprenticeship,
not everyone who applies will be invited into the circle.
This is a professional training aimed at training
Embodiment Facilitators + DJ’s
With 360 degree awareness.


The Apprenticeship is for those who are already
holding space in various modalities and for those
who are devoted students of the dance as a form of transformation.
The 360 Apprenticeship is for those who are ripe and ready
to be facilitators.
This is a professional training with the intent to train professional movement leaders.


Each applicant, whether accepted into the program or not,
will receive input that will deepen your 360 practice and your studentship.


There is a non-refundable application fee of $180.
Should you be received into The Apprenticeship,
the $180 will apply toward your overall Tuition.

For those of you who are almost ready, we will steer you in the direction
to prepare you for the next round of Apprenticeship
or onto a more devoted path of studentship.


It is also important for each applicant to understand that
The Apprenticeship style of training is not a checkbox course.
This will be a rigorous communal and individual experience
where you will become proficient in embodiment,
facilitatorship, leadership, seership, and DJ skills in a congruent way.
You will have to pass all proficiency tests to become a full-fledged
facilitator of The 360 Emergence.
You will need to be able to transmit the practice of The 360 Emergence
in order to become a full-fledged facilitator.

There are 4 aspects to the Application itself:


•  Written Application
• Video Submission (NO MORE than 10 minutes in total length)
• Music Playlist or Recording (30-40 minutes in length)
• Non-Refundable $180 application fee


2024 Applications Period is Closed.


Apprentice : Origin from Old French aprentis : from apprendre ‘to learn’.



What skills will I hone at The 360 Apprenticeship?


•  Learning The 360 Tool Kit

•  Expanded Embodiment

•  Somatic + Vocal Leadership Skills

•  Playlist Curation

•  DJ proficiency in Traktor Pro

•  Embodied Seership

•  Working with Ordinary + Non-Ordinary

•  Being Leaderful, Clear + Fluid

•  Presentation

•  Production Skills

•  The Business of Movement Facilitation

•  Social Justice + Inclusion Awareness

•  Conflict Resolution Skills

•  Holding a Container with Integrity

•  Learn to Navigate Group Dynamics

•  Technical Skills to Teach Online and In-Person 

Training Overview

Training Overview:


This will be a 200 hour training.

Three In-Person Modules + One Online Module

Module 1 |  April 11th -18th 2024 | Joshua Tree Retreat Center
Module 2 |  July 7th – 12th | In Person Non-Residential Boulder, CO
Module 3 | November 14th – 17th | Online
Module 4 | March 27th- April 6th 2025 | Location TBD

Monthly online sessions throughout The Apprenticeship.

7 Online Sessions during The 360-day experience,
plus one pre-Module 1 session and one post-Module 4 session
for a total of 9 Online sessions in addition to Module 3
which will be entirely online.


Depending on the locations of those participating in The Apprenticeship,
we will vary the times to try and alternate when certain countries may be joining at late or early hours,
knowing that these Sessions are not suggestive they are part of the curriculum.
The below schedule is subject to change.


March 23 | Online Session 1 | 10am -1pm LA time
May 25 | Online Session 2 | 3pm- 6pm LA time
June 22 | Online Session 3 | 10am -1pm LA time
September 28 | Online Session 4 | 3pm- 6pm LA time
October 26 | Online Session 5 | 10am -1pm LA time
December 14 | Online Session 6 | 3pm- 6pm LA time
January 25 | Online Session 7 | 10am -1pm LA time
February 22 | Online Session 8 | 3pm- 6pm LA time
June 21 | Online Session 9 | 10am -1pm LA time

Three  1:1 Sessions with Kate + Amber.

The first and second of these sessions will be one on one
with either Kate or Amber, and the third and final session
will be with both Kate + Amber together.


Tuition Investment:




Tuition includes all course content, group and individual work.
Fees for housing, food and travel are not included.
See the payment schedule and approximate investments below:

•  Your $180 Application Fee will be applied towards your Tuition Payment.
A monthly payment plan will be created upon your acceptance and
you will need to initiate within 3 weeks to signal your commitment
and begin this investment.


•  There will be 2 residential Modules. You will need to put down a non refundable $1800 deposit
(outside of tuition) towards these Modules to secure your space.
If you choose not to complete, you do not get this money back.
This deposit needs to be made within 6 weeks of your acceptance
into The Apprenticeship unless otherwise negotiated.


•  If not participating in Monthly payments, a quarterly schedule can be considered.
$3000 of Tuition due on acceptance;
$3000 on or before June 1st, 2024 ;
$3,000 towards Tuition due on or before October 15th, 2024;
and a $2000 Final Tuition Payment due one or before March 1st, 2025.


•  More personalized payment plans may be considered with direct approval.
A limited amount of Financial Assistance will be available.



Please Note: If you exit the program, you will have access to curriculum only
through the tuition payment period that you have paid for.
No refunds will be made for tuition paid if removing yourself
from the program for any reason. If you desire to return to the program
at a future date, your credited tuition investment will be applied to
your future Apprenticeship involvement.


Additional costs below are only a projection and are not the actual amounts.
This is to help you in financially planning your tuition along
with your participation with on-site Modules 1, 3 + 4.

Begin Your Journey Now

This will be a life changing intimate ritual.
An adventure story.

If this news makes you jump for joy,
makes your cells go Fuck Yeah!
If you feel a strong gut knowing.
Then come work with us
We need to go deeper.

If you wish to apprentice with us, begin to prepare physically, energetically and financially.
Get ready to harness your vision and intent.

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