Module 1

The 360 Emergence

Curriculum Details

Module 1 Preparation

Module 1 Preparation

The 360 Emergence

A reminder that before your arrival into Module 1
we would like you to begin to organize your thoughts and focus.


Within the first days of The Apprenticeship, each one of you will be asked
to stand up and verbally articulate your intention for your 14 month journey.


Begin to know your intention.
Practice by writing it down in 2 or 3 sentences.
Distill it, edit it. Then practice speaking it out loud in front of the mirror.
Use the language that is most comfortable, you are not limited to using English.
Harnessing clear intent is the bridge into manifestation
and speaking this intent aloud harnesses that call.

Before Module 1 begins, the following books are required reading:
The Atlas of The Heart by Brené Brown
The Body Keeps Score bBessel Van Der Kolk.


By this point, the expectation is that you should have completed both
The Compass and SEER online Immersions.
We recognize that might not be the case for all of you.
If at this point you have not completed both and only
have time for one before The Apprenticeship begins,
completing The Compass is essential.

Module 1 Recording Access

Module Access

On the page below you will find all recordings from The 360 Apprenticeship Module 1
Alternative Track Follow-up sessions.


Below you will find resources and documents pertaining to your journey through The Apprenticeship

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Apprenticeship Contact Form

To add contact details that you would like to have accessible to the other Apprentices.

Tech + Equipment Resource List

A list of suggested technology for your journey as a facilitator. None of these suggestions are endorsements or required.

Apprenticeship Contact List

A list of the email addresses, home towns and phone numbers of other willing Apprentices.

Recommended Reading + Viewing List

A list of suggestions. Gathering Inspiration, Education + Vision.

Apprenticeship Agreements

For your record, the agreements regarding your participation in The Apprenticeship.

Alternative Track

If participating remotely in any of the Modules, this document contains important points in the participation and completion of these Modules.