All Night Boulder November 18-20

All Night

Boulder, CO USA

November 18th -20th

A Two Day Ceremonial Immersion
with Kate Shela + Amber Ryan
+ Guest Artists


Registration is closed. If you have already reserved a place in the dial,
you will be contacted directly. 

All Night is a dedicated ceremonial dance container,
a crucible of celebration and integration, a gathering to wish and to will.
A time to fortify through our dance,
our personal and global petitions of healing and intentionality.
All Night creates space and time to empty and to receive.
To welcome in the spirit of vision and imagination.
To dream whilst awake and to allow the act of focused dance
to be the animating bridge into the essence of hopeful action.


We will come together on Friday in preparation
for our All Night dance ceremony on Saturday.
Over our time we will begin by creating the architecture
that prepares us for our night dance.
We will discover and discuss the moves
towards safety, trust and intimacy.
So that our mutual agreements will allow us to fully set sail
and fly through the night into the morning.
Each of us returning fully integrated with our
quintessential shamanic prescription.


 As we continue to emerge from the pandemic,
it is ripe time to share this communal healing weave.
All Night will enfold us between the worlds like a finely woven cloak.
Offering healing, music, sound, silence, awe and restoration.
We will find our night eyes in this numinous landscape
and allow our knowledge to ignite like a constellation of stars.


In community we are witnessed, we are known in full spectrum. In community our personal and global dreams are amplified. In community we create new architectures and neural pathways that circulate love, sourced power and grounded being. In community we receive common sense and remember our communal fabric.


Boulder Circus Center


Friday | 6:30pm – 9:30pm
Saturday | 9pm  –  Sunday | 8am



Limited Capacity.
One Purchase per Participant.
Online Sales only. No cash at the door.


This Immersion counts as a Pre-Requisite for
The 360 Emergence Apprenticeship.

Kate and Amber | Circle
Circle | by Sarah Prikryl

The Container

What is Ceremony for The 360?


Ceremony is a call to presence.
Ceremony is a call to communal prayer and intent.
A call to merge and unify with the mystery.

Ceremony is taking the focus off our everyday ordinary mundane robotic living
and placing our attention on our inside world
and connecting to the invisible world.
Trusting that relationship.


Ceremony is a consistent communion with humility.
It allows us to lay down our ego, our striving, our competition, our succeeding,
our lacking, our envy, our winning, our consuming.
In the face of nature, which is the true face of spirit,
we feel a greater sense of attunement with the universe.


During ceremony we lay down our need for individual power.
We pick up the threads of deep longing + loving to create respectful,
communal, poetic harmony.
Ceremony is a return to a way of living and being that began with life itself.
It is etched in our DNA.

This experience will be unique, intimate, and deep.
The main ceremony will last All Night long.
We will be praying with and utilizing sacred cacao
as part of this All Night long ceremony.

This is a drug and alcohol-free space.

About All Night:


This is an All Night ceremony and is not for everyone.
It will require stamina in body, mind, and heart.

The prerequisite for this experience is having practiced movement
with Kate, and /or Amber.
Only those who have practiced with either of them, or who are facilitators of
other dance/movement practices are eligible to register.

Due to the nature and potential intensity of this experience,
we will be reviewing all applications to ensure that it is a good fit for you,
for your safety, and for the container as a whole.


If for some reason this experience is not a good fit for you,
your money will be refunded in full.

Guest Artists

Gina Gibbons

Gina Gibbons

Music is Queen — invisible, profound and moving. “Truly a force of nature,” Queen of Air is the musical passion project of Gina Gibbons, a Colorado based DJ and event producer.  Inspired by her love of dance, the elements, nature and global explorations, Queen of Air shares soundscapes that are deep, melodic and uplifting.  Weaving aspects of both the sacred and profane into her sets, she uses music to create an expansive experience that inspires dancing and freedom.

She’s had the privilege of performing alongside international artists such as Kölsch, Oliver Koletzki and Wajeed as well as collaborating with local DJs and promoters including Zodiac Hause, where she is a resident. In addition to the Denver music scene, she curates highly anticipated outdoor parties in the Boulder foothills and has played at festivals including Spirit Weavers and Burning Man.  Whether in a night-club or under a night-sky, there is heart, passion and life pulsing through her ethereal craft of sound.

Marissa Pulaski

Marissa Pulaski

A weaver of traditions and a dedicated regenerative farmer, Marissa is the Director of Education and Cultural Advocacy at Drylands Agroecology Research based in Boulder, Colorado. As a choreographer and producer, skilled doula and folk herbalist, Marissa believes that unearthing the many forms of Self through movement medicine is one practice that will create more peace in this unjust and beautiful world.

A gold circle with a photo of Harwood Ferguson

Harwood Ferguson

Harwood Ferguson is an embodiment guide, dance teacher, and weaver of sacred sound. Across his life he has been a rites of passage guide, therapist, wilderness educator, and music teacher, and it is from this rich and diverse background that he brings his unique flavor into ceremonial spaces. With a focus on movement as ritual and prayer, sound and music as teachers and muses, and sacred instruments as talismans for healing and transformation, Harwood creates spaces where deep and lasting changes are made manifest.

The 360 Covid Protocol

The 360 Emergence takes the health of all of our community members seriously.

We recognize this is a radical act.
We are showing up to this to be in service to each other’s
personal healing and communal healing.
Accordingly, we will follow clear protocols related to Covid-19
to prioritize everyone’s health and safety at this retreat.

As of October 12, 2022, this is our protocol, it is subject to change.


• Masking will be optional.


• Please use provided hand sanitizer before entering the space.


• If I have any symptoms (fever, cough, difficulty breathing, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting) I will stay home and contact The 360 Emergence as soon as possible to inform the organization.


• I understand that I must practice good hygiene protocol, which will include using provided hand sanitizer before entering the space and after bathroom breaks, as well as after touching surfaces.


• I understand that if I get sick in the following 5 days after the event, I will notify The 360 Emergence so that the necessary cautionary measures can be taken for anyone else who was in the space.


• I understand that as new information emerges, the protocol will also shift.


•  Secure your space by clicking the link below.


•  Fill out the registration form that will be sent to you upon completion of your payment to complete your registration.


•  All Night is a deep and rigorous offering. If there is anything in your registration form that would indicate that this is not an experience that you would benefit from, we will reach out to you for a further conversation.
It is strongly suggested you have experience with Kate and Amber or experience with a dedicated movement practice before stepping into this container.
If you are unsure if this experience is for you, please email


Limited Financial Assistance is available.
Inquire by contacting




•  If you need to cancel for any reason, illness or emergency after you have
registered for this event, you will receive a refund
minus a $180 fee
up to 2 weeks in advance of this offering (
Nov. 5th).
Note: Finacial Assistance tickets ($500) will receive a refund minus a non refundable fee
of $100 up to 2 weeks of this offering
(Nov. 5th, 2022).


•   After this date, if you need to cancel for any reason, illness or emergency,
your funds
minus the $180 fee will be returned or transferred
ONLY IF your spot can be replaced by a new participant before Nov. 12th.
No refunds or transfers past Nov. 12th. 


•  All refunds will take 7-14 days to process after being requested. 




Initial Payment: due upon purchase – $231.70
2nd date of payment due: Tuesday, Nov. 1st – $231.70
3rd date of payment due: Friday, Nov. 11th – $231.60


Your initial payment does not guarantee your space in this offering.
Your registration will be complete once you have completed all 3 payments
and the total balance is paid and all required forms are completed.

By placing the initial payment down, you will be asked to complete the payment
in two additional installments:
The second is on Nov 1 +
The third is on November 11th


If you do not complete your payment by these dates,
we will assume you are forfeiting your space,
and your deposit will be returned minus a $180 non-refundable fee or according
to the set cancellation policy for this event.
If your space is forfeited, and you choose to re-register, you will be asked to pay the full amount in full.

No refunds or transfers will be made after Saturday, November 12th.

Photo Credit for Images 1,2,3 + Marissa Pulaski : Sarah Prikryl