Night sky with stars and nebula

All Night

Joshua Tree Retreat Center | Joshua Tree, CA USA

October 19th -23rd

A 5 Day Immersion with

Kate Shela + Amber Ryan



All Night is a dedicated ceremonial dance container, a crucible of celebration and integration, a gathering to wish and to will. A time to fortify through our dance, our personal petitions of healing and intentionality. All Night creates space and time to empty and to receive. To welcome in the spirit of vision and imagination. To dream whilst awake and to allow the act of focused dance to be the animating bridge into the essence of hopeful action.


For 5 days we will welcome in the magiks of the desert and the night. Preparing for our All Night dance ceremony on our third day.
Over our time we will begin by creating the architecture that prepares us for our night dances. We will discover and discuss the moves towards safety, trust and intimacy. So that our mutual agreements will allow us to fully set sail and fly through the night into the morning. Each of us returning fully integrated with our quintessential shamanic prescription.


 As we continue to emerge from the pandemic, it is ripe time to share this communal healing weave. All Night will enfold us between the worlds like a finely woven cloak. Offering healing, music, sound, silence, awe and restoration. We will find our night eyes in this numinous landscape and allow our knowledge to ignite like a constellation of stars.


In community we are witnessed, we are known in full spectrum. In community our personal and global dreams are amplified. In community we create new architectures and neural pathways that circulate love, sourced power and grounded being. In community we receive common sense and remember our communal fabric.

Kate and Amber | Circle
Circle | by Sarah Prikryl

The Container

What is Ceremony for The 360?


Ceremony is a call to presence.
Ceremony is a call to communal prayer and intent.
A call to merge and unify with the mystery.

Ceremony is taking the focus off our everyday ordinary mundane robotic living and placing our attention on our inside world and connecting to the invisible world. Trusting that relationship.

Ceremony is a consistent communion with humility. It allows us to lay down our ego, our striving, our competition, our succeeding, our lacking, our envy, our winning, our consuming.  In the face of nature, which is the true face of spirit, we feel a greater sense of attunement with the universe.
During ceremony we lay down our need for individual power. We pick up the threads of deep longing + loving to create respectful, communal, poetic harmony.
Ceremony is a return to a way of living and being that began with life itself. It is etched in our Dna.

This experience will be unique, intimate, and deep.

The main ceremony will last All Night long.
We will be praying with and utilizing sacred cacao
as part of this All Night long ceremony.

This is a drug and alcohol-free space.
Anyone who arrives under the influence of recreational drugs or alcohol will not be able to participate.

Joshua Tree Retreat Center

 The Joshua Tree Retreat Center represents the largest collection anywhere of Lloyd Wright mid-century buildings constructed and aligned with organic architecture principles. Embodying the essence of organic architecture, the interweaving of civilization and human habitation with the natural world, is at the core of this historical space. The 140-acre desert campus offers serene walking paths and vortex energy locations to explore, an exercise pool, and a hot tub for relaxation.


The accommodations are very simple and basic in their amenities.
If you are a person who desires a certain level of comfort that exceeds what the property has to offer, we will provide a list of things you may want to bring in order to enhance your stay during All Night.


Accommodations on the Joshua Tree Retreat Center campus vary in configuration.
All preferences will be based on single and shared occupancy.
Room selection is first come first serve.


All prices are per person and include tuition for the retreat,
your choice of accommodation, 3 healthy meals each day.

All selections are first come first serve, and room assignment
will not have preference beyond shared or single.

If you are a couple and would like a shared occupancy with one queen bed, please email

If you are purchasing a shared accommodation and have a preferred person to room with,
you will be able to indicate this on your registration form.
If both parties consent, we will honor your request.


A 50% deposit on your accommodation of choice is required for registration.
Final payments will be initiated on July, 27th, 2022.
Any registrations after July 27th are required to be paid in full.


Once you register, you will be sent a link to complete the registration form.
If you are purchasing accommodations other than a single unit,
and we are unable to fill the other bed in your selection,
we will be in touch to discuss revisions to your accommodation preference
which may or may not result in a price increase.

Ridge Cottages

Located closest to Nobel Hall.
All cottages have private bathrooms.
Each cottage has an individual configuration
with either one queen bed or two twin beds.


Single – Standard
(with one queen bed)  —  $2300
Sold Out


Single –  Standard
(with two twin beds) —  $2300
Sold Out


Shared –  Standard
(with two twin beds) —  $2100
Sold Out


Located closest to the pool.
All rooms have private bathrooms.
Each room has an individual configuration most
with either one queen bed or two twin beds.


Single – Deluxe
(living room w/ bedroom; queen bed) — $2400
Sold Out


Single – Standard
(Studio; queen bed) — $2300
Sold Out


Shared – Deluxe
(two separate sleeping quarters; twin beds) — $2150
Sold Out


Shared – Standard
(one room; twin beds) — $2100
Sold Out

*** It is possible that room accommodations listed as SOLD OUT above
may become available in the coming weeks.

Please email if you would like
to be added to the waitlist for a certain accommodation type.


Cancellation Policy:

If you need to cancel for any reason after you have registered for this event,
you will receive a refund minus a $400 fee up to six weeks in advance of this offering (September 21st, 2022).


After this date, if you test positive for Covid or are experiencing an emergency,
your funds minus the $400 fee will be returned ONLY IF your spot
can be replaced by a new participant.
If your spot is not filled, your investment will not be refunded.


We strongly suggest that everyone purchase additional traveler’s insurance to protect
your investment.


In the event that the US government makes the execution of this event legally impossible by mandating the closure of hotels including Joshua Tree Retreat Center, the retreat will be canceled and deposits will be refunded.

Additional Costs:

Below are additional costs that are not included in the price of tuition.

•  Your Covid testing.

•  Cost of transportation to Joshua Tree Retreat Center.

Joshua Tree
Joshua Tree Retreat Center Labyrinth

Guest Teachers

Scott Houston - The 360 Emergence

Scott Houston

In over a decade of utilizing dance as a healing modality, Scott Houston has come to believe in the inherent wisdom of the body and the power of sound to move it. As a seasoned facilitator of Ecstatic Dance & accredited 5Rhythms teacher – Scott and his partner, Maya co-founded ATL-based, Sol Dance. An Ecstatic Dance movement dedicated towards cultivating embodied community through a culturally-diverse blend of deep, electronic music & acoustic sound healing.
As an Atlanta-based DJ & Event Producer – Scott has had the privilege of performing alongside renowned headlining artists: Acid Pauli, Tara Brooks, Paco Osuna, Raresh & Yoko0. Scott is also a classically-trained musician of 25 years, lifelong dancer, performance artist, devoted husband & father, and resident DJ for Project B.
Sonically, Scott delivers his sound as ritual for enthusiasts of the deep and sacred. Seamlessly weaving evocative, hypnotic soundscapes alongside shamanic medicine song that transforms darkness to light.
IG: @thescotthouston &

Serena Gabriel | All Night | The 360 Emergence

Serena Gabriel

Serena Gabriel is a visionary musician, performer, recording artist and multidisciplinary healing arts practitioner.

Her exploration of world instruments, music production and the healing arts has led her to develop a unique style that spans many musical genres: Electro-acoustic, meditation, tribal medicine music, ambient, experimental and electronic. Whether playing a drum, didgeridoo, flute or kalimba or incorporating the art of looping with acoustic instrumentation, vocals and electronica, the sound is richly textured.

Serena has been working with the esteemed ambient composer, Steve Roach and their collaborative albums include: Nectar Meditation, Remembrance in Waves, Inanna’s Dream and Seeing Inside.

She has a private practice where she assists clients with Chinese medicine therapeutics, sound and energy work. Serena is deeply immersed in the practice and study of Nada Yoga -The Yoga of Sound.

Samantha Lane

Samantha Lane

Samantha is a dance doula. A mistress of the senses. A love activist dedicated to the path of embodied conscious evolution. 24 years of teaching embodiment practices and promoting a sacred laboratory for movement began with the study and teaching of Nia in 1998 (Brown Belt). After 13 years of teaching, she initiated her own conscious dance offerings, focusing on the healing potential and community building power of movement.  Certified in Gabrielle Roth’s 5Rhythms (2014) she teaches regularly in Richmond, VA. She is delighted to be expanding her wisdom through the inaugural 360 Emergence Apprenticeship.

Samantha shares her infectious curiosity, play, permission, fascination, skill, and humility in her dance, supporting a potent container to explore the complexities and polarities of being awake and alive. With a keen awareness of injury and trauma, and training in The Polyvagal Theory, she empowers participants to self-regulate the nervous system and to magnify the present moment with radical loving kindness.
IG: @thewildunknowndancer

Melanie Cooley

Melanie Cooley

Melanie Cooley (she/they) is a 5Rhythms teacher and 360 Emergence Apprentice. Melanie is particularly interested in the possibilities of embodied movement practice as a path to connecting across differences in human experiences. Their work has ranged from dances bringing together newly arrived refugee and American women to LGBTQI+-focused immersions exploring the infinite variations of human gender to massive cross-cultural public ceremonies to honor the dead.
Melanie lives in Tucson, Arizona with their partner, three dogs, five chickens, and a desert tortoise named Mr. T. She spends many days with her hands in dirt, digging rain basins, planting native plants, and working toward creating a hydrolocal, water-self-sufficient, rainwater-sustained oasis in their corner of the desert. In a thunderstorm at 3 AM, you can find her outside watching the movement of water.

Marissa Pulaski

Marissa Pulaski

A weaver of traditions and a dedicated regenerative farmer, Marissa is the Director of Education and Cultural Advocacy at Drylands Agroecology Research based in Boulder, Colorado. As a choreographer and producer, skilled doula and folk herbalist, Marissa believes that unearthing the many forms of Self through movement medicine is one practice that will create more peace in this unjust and beautiful world.

The 360 Covid Protocol

The 360 Emergence takes the health of all of our community members seriously.

We recognize this is a radical act.
We are showing up to this to be in service to each other’s personal healing and communal healing.
Accordingly, we will follow clear protocols related to Covid-19
to prioritize everyone’s health and safety at this retreat.

As of April 20, 2022, this is our protocol, it is subject to change.


Before your arrival: 

• Vaccinated and Non-Vaccinated participants are both welcome to attend this event.

•  We highly suggest quarantining before this to protect your investment and fellow All Night participants.

•  Testing within 12 hours before your arrival or as close to your arrival time as possible. PCR and antigen test results are accepted.

•  If you are traveling via public transport we suggest you please remain masked in public spaces until your arrival to minimize exposure.


During our time together:

•  JTRC suggests we remain masked in communal areas: the main office, the bookstore, and the cafe.

•  Masks will be optional during sessions.

•  At the beginning of each day, we will perform temperature checks.

•  Re-testing will happen on the day of the All Night Ceremony.
(Full Day number 2.)

•  If any symptoms of Covid appear during our time together, you will be required to get a negative Covid test before being able to rejoin the group. If you test positive, you will be responsible for your quarantine and healthcare costs. We highly encourage all participants, vaccinated or not, to get travel insurance to support you in this if it becomes needed.


After our time together:

•  5 days after the retreat, if you test positive for Covid, it is your responsibility to inform The 360 Emergence to report your results.

Arrival + Departure

Once registered, in your welcome letter, we will have information from taxi and shuttle operators that you will be able to contact to arrange your arrival at Joshua Tree Retreat Center. These are suggestions only and not endorsements.
We will also have a closed Facebook group for registered participants to arrange rideshare opportunities with each other. The below information is to help you plan your travel arrangements.


Nearby Airports include:
Ontario Airport (approx. 1 hour 41 minute commute)
Palm Springs International Airport (approx. 51 minute commute)
LAX (approx. 3 hour commute).


We suggest planning your arrival with enough time for an easeful commute
to JTRC before beginning our first session on October 19th
and also with enough time to ground yourself before leaving on October 23rd.




October 19th: Check-in between 3:00 pm – 4:45 pm | Orientation is at 5:00 pm

You may arrive on the property starting at noon if needed.
Please email josanne@the360emergence to let us know of your early arrival.



October 23rd: 11:00am

We will have breakfast and our final session together before being off property at 11:00 am.
All belongings will need to be out of the rooms by 9:00 am.


•  Secure your accommodation by clicking the link below.


•  Fill out the registration form that will be sent to you upon completion of your payment to complete your registration.


•  All Night is a deep and rigorous offering. If there is anything in your registration form that would indicate that this is not an experience that you would benefit from, we will reach out to you for a further conversation. It is strongly suggested you have experience with Kate and Amber or experience with a dedicated movement practice before stepping into this container. If you are unsure if this experience is for you, please email


You may pay in full, or pay a 50% deposit.
Note: By selecting the 50% deposit, your final payment
will be prompted for completion on July 27th, 2022.


Your spot will not be reserved until you have secured the payment portion.
We recommend doing this promptly to get the lodging you prefer.


Please contact Josanne at
if you have questions about payment.

Photo Credit for Images 1,2,3,6,7 + Serena Gabriel: Sarah Prikryl

Photo Credit for Images 4+5: Joshua Tree Retreat Center website

Photo Credit for Scott Houston: Maya Lemberg