All Night

A Ceremonial Experience

in Los Angeles, CA

March 20th – March 22nd

All Night will enfold us between the worlds like a finely woven cloak, in the interval between dusk and dawn. Bringing healing, music, sound, silence, awe and restoration. We will find our night eyes in this numinous landscape and allow our knowledge to flare up like a constellation of stars and welcome in our magical wisdom.


All Night is an intentional drug and alcohol free ceremony for sustainable change. Friday night we will begin by creating the architecture that prepares us for our night dance. We will discover and discuss the moves towards intimacy, safety and trust. Our mutual agreements will allow us to fully set sail and fly through Saturday night into Sunday morning. Each of us returning with our perfect measure of vision and eloquence.


All Night is a container of committed dance

A circle of dedicated devotion

A crucible of seeing

All Night is a gathering of allies

A focal point 

A manifestation 

A  joy bringer

All Night is a night to remember

Location : 


1618 Cotner Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90025


Sessions : 

Friday, March 20th at 8pm-Midnight
Saturday, March 21st at 11:30pm through

Sunday, March 22nd at 10am


Investment : 



The Container

The prerequisite for this experience is having practiced movement with Kate, and / or Amber.

Only those who have practiced with either of them before are eligible to register.


This is an All Night ceremony and is not for everyone.

It will require stamina in body, mind, and heart.

After our Friday night session we will start on Saturday night and go through Sunday morning.


Due to the nature and potential intensity of this experience we will be reviewing all submissions to ensure that it is a good fit for you, for your safety, and for the container as a whole. If for some reason this experience is not a good fit for you, your money will be refunded in full.


We will start with a 4 hour session on Friday night to presence ourselves, dance,

and go over the architecture for the ceremony.

Your attendance for the entirety of the experience in required.

Please arrive 15 minutes before the sessions begin. 

No late entry permitted.


Once we begin on Saturday night you cannot leave the property until we are complete.

Each participant is required to stay from 11:30pm on Saturday evening

until we complete  with a group breakfast on Sunday morning at 10am.


This is not a residential experience.

If you are traveling from out of town you will need to arrange accommodation for Friday night.

We strongly encourage you to stay in Los Angeles or nearby on Sunday night.

It is best not to travel far on Sunday.


This is a drug and alcohol-free space.

Anyone who arrives under the influence of recreational drugs or alcohol will not be allowed entry.


Registration Requirements

1. Before you register please carefully read The Container section so that you have the information about prerequisites, the stamina required for this experience, and the request for full attendance


2. To secure your spot you must send payment through the PayPal button below. If spaces are sold out please email to be placed on the waitlist


3. Fill out the registration form linked below


4. Please send a photo of your face in which we can clearly see your eyes to


5. Join the Facebook Group to coordinate ride shares and shared accommodations (optional)

join the facebook group - white lettering on gold

Cancellation Policy :  If you need to cancel for any reason after you have registered for this event, you will receive a refund minus a $100 fee up to one month in advance of this offering (February 20th). There will be no refunds, for any reason whatsoever, within one month of our start date. If for some reason you still owe a balance, and you cancel with less than one months notice, you will be expected to honor the commitment and pay the balance. We suggest that you purchase travelers insurance to protect you from any money loss due to cancellation.


If you need assistance please email Madison at