Amber Ryan's offerings

1 : 1 Work with Amber


One of the most enriching parts of my practice is the privilege of working 1 : 1 with students and movement leaders, to deepen your own personal practice, embodiment and understanding of the dance.


Possible Avenues of Study



Self Inquiry & Growth

Music Mentorship

Workshop Leader Development


I currently offer three different types of 1 : 1 sessions,

which can be experienced online or in person.


The Drop-In


Tuning in to what is present for you and letting the body reveal the rest. Uncovering some of the blocks and growth edges related to your movement practice. And we dance.

Small Group Offerings also available


The Progression


What do you want to cultivate in your dance and in your life? In The Progression, we take a look at where you are, where you want to go, and what is in the way. From this place we co-create a map to get you there.


Along the way, we deepen somatic awareness, and use it to hone your internal compass. We do this by weaving meditation, movement, energetics, contemplations, prayer, ritual and artistry.


The Mentorship


This is a by application program for Committed Practitioners and Teachers who are ready to take it to the next level.


To begin please fill out the form below, or email Amber directly at

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