An Immersion for Womxn


with Kate Shela + Amber Ryan

+ an Inclusive Lineup of Teachers and Panelists


October 9 – 12

10am – 2pm LA Time Each Day

Sister Womxn
Welcome to Discovery Time
Welcome to Ritual Time
To Rising Up in the R/Evolution Time


Sister Womxn
We Are Lovers, Teachers, Artists, Friends,
Black, Brown, Indigenous, Asian, Latina, Multiracial, White
Sister Human
We Are Revolutionaries, Crones, Maidens,
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Cis, Genderqueer, Nonbinary, Straight Seeker Leaders
We are Womxn with a Wide Range of Abilities
We are an Adaptive Community


We are Fascinated
How Death and Resurrection Moves Within and Through Us
Sister Womxn
Where Do You Need Support?
Sister Human
What Needs to be Spoken and Seen?
Sister Human
What Needs to be Heard?


HerStory TheirStory Keeps Circulating 360 Degrees
Linear is Leaving Us and We Are Deepening
Our Own Internal and External Landmarks
The Ancient Future Awaits Us
From The Ash We Rise
Kate Shela & Amber Ryan-2

The Container

Throughout this Online Immersion We Will :

Dance and Practice Embodiment
Step into Ritual Space
Learn through Round Table Discussions
Share Stories and Listen
Nourish with Yoga Nidra and Regenerative Integration



Inclusivity :


In listening to and witnessing all that is emerging locally and globally and as more of us are awakening to the ways in which expectations around gender are often too constraining to hold the vast spectrum of embodying gender, we have decided to open this immersion in expansive and inclusive ways. This year, Ashes to Ashes online, will be a brave sacred space open to all those who identify as womxn, regardless of sex assigned at birth or gender expression. We also welcome non-binary people who sometimes, partially, or historically identify as women.We would also like to especially extend an invitation to women who identify as Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC).



What You’ll Need :


1. A computer, phone, or Ipad
2. A basic understanding of ZOOM
We will be offering a Zoom tutorial for those that need it.
3. A space to practice in
4. Headphones / Bluetooth Headphones for sharing (optional)

The Team

Kate Shela + Amber Ryan are evolutionary movement artists in service to the emergence of each person who shows up in their laboratories.They curate sonic movement journeys and containers that weave the ever changing human into becoming accountable and fluid, leader-full and in-sight full. They are steeped in 35 years of dance, ceremony, literature, fashion, theater, strength, and humor. As The 360 Emergence awakens our 10,000 eyes to see from every perspective, we walk the worlds between ordinary and non ordinary reality. We invite you to join this movement.
Sibyl Buck weaves her passion for science and research on trauma, brain chemicals, and the nervous system into a blend of restorative yoga, pranayama, and guided visualization that she calls Regenerative Integration. Sibyl believes that through deep release, self nurturing and presence, we can access a source of self-healing within us, which subtly but profoundly reshapes the experience of our lives. She has been teaching for 12 years and is known as a compassionate teacher whose love for her students is palpable.
Tracee Stanley shares teachings that are sourced from more than 20 years as a lineaged teacher in the tradition of the Himalayan Masters, Sri Vidya, and Tantra. The focus of her teachings are yoga nidra, meditation, self-inquiry, nature and ancestral reverence. She uses these unique practices and timeless bodies of wisdom to guide students towards the door of awakening to their true nature: one that is full of luminosity, truth, wisdom and bliss. She is the creatrix of Empowered Life, a self-inquiry oracle deck, and her first book Radiant Rest – Yoga Nidra for Deep Relaxation and Awakened Clarity is available for pre-order.
Gabrielle Zhuang has an MSW in Social Welfare from UCLA and an MA in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Institute. She is a clinical social worker, who deeply values working at the intersection of individual and social change. Gabrielle is currently training with the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute to understand and attend to how trauma and healing resides in the body.  As a Chinese American and a five generation immigrant who identifies as cross-class, the work that brings her most alive is walking alongside folks who are exploring the frontiers of bi-cultural identity as well as racialized and intergenerational trauma. For the last 13 years she has worked in Los Angeles, with various communities including survivors of human trafficking, older adults with chronic mental illness, homeless children and families, and military veterans. She is interested in exploring, settling, healing, transforming and reveling.
Tiffany Persons is the owner of Tiffany Company Casting, the Founder of Shine On Sierra Leone and the Director of Empathy at David & Goliath Ad Agency. As the owner of a  15 year old commercial casting agency she has worked for some of the biggest brands in the world such as Google, Nike, Apple, and Facebook. Tiffany is committed to empowering authenticity, integrity and inclusivity for all. Known for bringing joy, passion and vulnerability to the advertising world, she is shifting the conversation in media, by opening opportunities to talented professionals from underrepresented communities. Tiffany is a champion for the beautiful communities of Sierra Leone and for 14 years, Shine On Sierra Leone has created groundbreaking education, healthcare, micro-loans, sustainability, and agriculture programs bringing unabashed enthusiasm and collective generosity to so many. Humanity is undergoing a radical transformation and it is only with empathy and impactful storytelling that the voices and valuable perspectives of all people can be heard. 
Tiffany Grimes holds a doctorate in Counseling Psychology from The University of Georgia and has specialized training in health and LGBTQ issues. She has an expertise and passion for intersectional, multicultural inclusion and liberation. She was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama-her southern roots and unique experiences across the globe have shaped her eclectic views and ability to deeply connect with others. Tiffany first became curious about mental health at a young age, as she and her family grappled with the misconceptions and realities of living with a loved one diagnosed with schizophrenia.  Tiffany is dedicated to serving individuals and communities that have historically been erased. Through holistic methods, her work aims to integrate the mind, body, and spirit to prioritize and optimize health and healing.
Carrie Dinow has studied Tibetan Buddhism since she was a young woman, igniting her lifelong passion for all things psyche. This led her to get a masters degree in depth psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, and for the last 20 years she has been a licensed psychotherapist, helping her clients develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their relationships. After sitting with thousands of people, she realized that anxiety is the true ailment of our time. When the meaning behind anxiety becomes fully understood, these demons which rob us of our freedom, turn into our own greatest allies. Carrie has studied anxiety from every paradigm and has devoted herself to helping others get free. Her work is a beautiful blend of Western psychology and Eastern spiritual practices and she offers a profoundly loving  and wise approach, guiding others to develop mindful attention to their inner life. Carrie is known in her circles as wife, grateful mother, sister, daughter, and soul mate to her soul-sister friends.


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In these extraordinary times, we want you to feel you can come to dance regardless of financial matters. In an effort to make this offering more accessible and with the acknowledgement that there are material differences experienced within our dance community The 360 is offering ten full scholarships for those in need. 


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We have created a scholarship fund of knowledge and learning so that those who would like to contribute towards another person’s attendance can do so.  The 360 Emergence will be offering ten full scholarships to women in need. If you have the means and the desire to support someone else in stepping into this work, you may do so here. We accept contributions of any amount.


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