Covid Protocol

The 360 Emergence is aware that the world is continually evolving
with new protocols and guidelines.
Here you will find our most updated policies that we are working
in accordance with for our in-person offerings. Each section is dated to when
it has last been updated, and we offer links in the text so you may check the source of information in case any last minute changes have been made before you make your decision to attend any in-person offering.

Costa Rica

Updated February 22, 2022.


Please be aware of these requirements for international travelers.

According to The Costa Rican Government, all tourists must:


•  The name and address of where you are staying.

•  Have a return airline ticket.



At this time,

you do not need to be fully vaccinated to be granted entry into Costa Rica.

Updated February 22, 2022.


The 360 Emergence takes the health of all of our community members seriously.
Accordingly, we will follow clear protocols related to Covid-19
to prioritize everyone’s health and safety at this retreat.  Our protocol is subject to change.



•  In an effort to protect your investment we request that you minimize exposure to Covid before your journey to Costa Rica. If you have come into contact with anyone who is Covid positive before your departure you will not be able to attend.


•  We require you to take a Covid Test (PCR, LFT or Antibody) within 24 hours before your arrival. A negative test will be required to participate. A secondary test will be administered on day 3 of the retreat. 


•  At the beginning of each day, we will perform temperature checks.


•  If any symptoms of Covid appear during our time together, you will be required to get a negative covid test before being able to rejoin the group. If you test positive, you will be responsible for your quarantine and healthcare costs. We highly encourage all participants, vaccinated or not, to get travel insurance to support you in this if it becomes needed.


•  For those traveling back to countries that require Covid Testing directly after the retreat, we will have a testing service come to the Kinkara to offer this service.

The cost of the test will be between $70-$130 and will be paid
directly to Kinkara or the service provider. This is not included in the tuition payment for the retreat. If you would like another option, Antigen testing is also available at the airport with results in two hours for $65.

If you are not traveling within three days of the end of the retreat,
it will be your responsibility to schedule a Covid test elsewhere for your travels home.


•  5 days after the retreat, if you test positive for Covid, it is your responsibility to inform The 360 Emergence to report your results.


Star House Participation Agreements
Updated February 22nd, 2022


  1. I understand that masks are optional for all participants.
  2. I understand that I must practice good hygiene protocol, which will include using provided hand sanitizer before entering the space and after bathroom breaks, as well as after touching surfaces.
  3. I understand that before entry I will have my temperature taken, and if it exceeds 100.4 degrees then I agree to not enter the space.
  4. If I have any symptoms (fever, cough, difficulty breathing, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting) I will stay home and contact The 360 Emergence as soon as possible to free up my space.
  5. I understand that if I get sick in the following 5 days after the event, I will notify The 360 Emergence so that the necessary cautionary measures can be taken for anyone else who was in the space
  6. I understand that as new information emerges, the protocol will also shift.