A First Aid Kit for Embodied Emotions


with Kate Shela + Amber Ryan
and guest teacher Monica Ramos


February 25th – 27th
on Zoom

Feelings are really the beginning and the basis of thinking. We think from feelings which allows us to collect evidence and decipher information and make decisions.


Brian Eno

Expand your somatic range of expression and understanding, so you can identify and familiarize yourself with your frequency of feeling.
Hone in on the Feelings that run your show and the wisdom they are offering you.
Recognize the Feelings of others so you are less provoked and can rest in the pulse of kind grace.


In The 360 we somatically explore the nuances and textures of many unique and simultaneous feelings that get under our skin, we learn from our own emotional terrain, and utilize this awareness to help create fulfilling in- joy-able lives.


If you are human, you are feeling. Period.

Let’s be sensate in our embodied wholeness.

In This Three Day Immersion You Will:

  • Experience embodied language for an array of feelings.
  • Create a personal inventory of your feeling arc and pulse.
  • Discover the relationship between the mind and the emotions.
  • Meet known and unknown feeling friends.
  • Cry, laugh and appreciate the human experience.
  • Go home with an embodied emotional first aid kit.


FEELINGS is part of the core curriculum for
The 360 Emergence and is required study for those entering The 360 Apprenticeship, and those who intend on applying for a future Apprenticeship training.



If you are new to movement practice, we highly encourage you to take some 360 Labs and other movement classes before registering for Feelings.


Recommended Reading:
Atlas of The Heart By Brené Brown

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$225 – Early Bird Price
(Sale Ends January 13th at 11:59pm LA time)
$275 – Regular Price


Friday | 11am – 1pm LA Time
Saturday | 11am – 1:30pm & 2pm – 4pm LA Time
Sunday | 11am – 1:30pm & 2pm – 4pm LA Time

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On-Demand viewing is available for remote learning,
if your time zone or schedule prohibits you from joining in real-time.

Artwork by Sandra Canessa

If you have questions please email info@the360emergence.com