with Kate Shela + Amber Ryan

December 13 – 15, 2019

Boulder, CO

All Night is an intentional drug + alcohol free ceremony for sustainable change.
All Night will enfold us between the worlds like a finely woven cloak, in the interval between dusk and dawn.
We will find our night eyes in this numinous landscape and allow our wisdom to flare up like a constellation of stars and welcome our magical knowledge.


A New Year’s Eve Retreat
with Amber Ryan

December 28, 2019 – January 4, 2020

Nosara, Costa Rica

With The 360 as our root practice, music and dance our vehicle to the gods, we will arrive into the raw potency of the jungle beach of Nosara. We will meet ourselves and each other, shed a few layers, and embark upon a powerful, sacred and wonderfully wild soul ignition. In the midst of this week long retreat, we will host a 200 person celebration on New Year’s Eve with the sacred sonic sounds of Mose and earthy jungle vibration woven by Chris Hawk.


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A New Year’s Eve Celebration
with Amber Ryan

December 31, 2019 – January 1, 2020

Nosara, Costa Rica

This New Year’s Eve join an enchanted crew of wild souls to dance across the threshold into a new decade ~2020~ juntos, together.


On top of the mountain within the beach jungle of Nosara, Costa Rica we will invite 200 people onto the sacred land of the Costa Rica Yoga Spa to ignite our visions, prayers and intentions.

with Kate Shela + Amber Ryan

January 25 – February 1, 2020

Nosara, Costa Rica

A physical and sonic journey into mixed veins of knowledge.


There exists in each one of us a pulsating beat that animates us into the now.  Follow your current, your instinctive pulse, your blood dance, that enlivens your cells calling.  Ride the slip stream of your own energy and get current with your current.  Bring shift into the world.


with Kate Shela + Amber Ryan

May 2 – 9, 2020

Crestone, CO

Save the Date!

with Kate Shela + Amber Ryan

October 6 – 11, 2020

Joshua Tree, CA

Save the Date!

with Amber Ryan

February 17 – 24, 2020

Uvita, Costa Rica

An especially Soul Full and Epic Envision Festival is coming in 2020! Amber Ryan will lead embodiment and offer sacred sound journeys, in the company of some of her favorite artists, for the festivals 10 year anniversary. In the greenery dense forrest, nature’s playground will be the jungle gym. Amber will be joining this tribe of artists, healers, and seekers on the path, for the fourth consecutive year. Beginning the new decade in celebration and community!