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with Kate Shela
+ Velan and Adya


September 23rd – 30th

Mullumbimby, Australia

with Amber Ryan


September 29th – Oct. 1st

Rome, Italy

The 360 Compass | Series
with Amber Ryan
Allyssa Rivera + Simone di Castri


~ 5 Wednesdays ~
7:00pm – 8:30pm
Attend Full Series or Drop-In Available


October 4th with Allyssa Rivera, assisted by Simone Di Castri
October 11th with Simone Di Castri, assisted by Allyssa Rivera
October 18th with Amber Ryan, assisted by Allyssa Rivera
October 25th with Amber Ryan, assisted by Simone Di Castri
November 1st with Amber Ryan

The 360 Compass
with Amber Ryan


October 6th + 7th

Dallas, Texas

The 360 Movement Lab
with Harwood Ferguson


October 11th
October 25th


6:30pm – 8:30pm CO time


Starhouse | Boulder, CO

The 360 Compass: ELEMENTAL
with Harwood Ferguson
+ Erin Rose Ward


October 13th – 14th

Alchemy Arts Barn
Lyons, CO

Vitamin Dance
with Kate Shela


October 14th

Soho Dance LA

The 360 Movement Lab
with Amber Ryan
+ Harwood Ferguson


October 24th

Boulder, CO

with Kate Shela


October 28th + 29th

Soho Dance LA

The Circle Work
with Kate Shela + Amber Ryan


Nov 7th – 14th

Phoenicia, NY

New Years
with Amber Ryan
+ Guest Artists


Dec 28th – Jan 3rd

Costa Rica

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