1 : 1 with Kate Shela

One on one time creates a brave safe space and allows blind spots to be revealed and healed. A time to hone in on specific terrains and acquire sourced tools to be here, day to day, in our human suits. To bring home the imaginations of the body.




Some Potential of Where We Can Go:

Revealing + Healing
Leadership Revolution
Music Matters
Life Matters
The Quickie
The Quickie is for those very specific hot issues that need a sweet and swift approach.
A fresh perspective.


The Journey
On The Journey we will pick up specific threads of your life and create a tailor made shamanic crossing.
Using varied creative healing tools we will step into the perfect balance of ordinary and extraordinary mapping towards the via transformitiva.  There is preparatory work in between each crossing.


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For logistical questions or inquiries please email Kirstin Kluver at kirstin@the360emergence.com
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