Virtual Shamanic Healing


Shamanic healing deals with the spiritual aspect of illness. It restores an individuals lost power or soul essence which may have occurred through emotional, physical or psychic trauma. The definition of soul used here, is the aspect of our vitality that keeps us alive and thriving. The healing will return you home, after what may have felt like a long time in the unknown and living with an enduring sense of loss. The sessions are conducted in grace and beauty and involve healing  power song and instrument. All is conducted in relationship with spirit kin and the client is imbibed with power, purpose and a true sense of themselves.


I have been practicing as a shamanic healer for over 22 years and this is a ceremonial rites of passage experience. Most clients come once every couple of years for a healing of this potent nature. You will leave with nectared guidance, resilience and deep remembering.


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with Kate Shela c
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1 : 1 Sessions with Kate


1:1 time creates a brave safe space and allows blind spots to be revealed and healed. A time to hone in on specific terrains and acquire sourced tools to be here, day to day, in our human suits. To bring home the imaginations of the body.


Possible Avenues of Study


Revealing + Healing
Leadership Revolution
Life Matters

The Quickie

The Quickie is for those with very specific hot issues that need a sweet and swift approach. A fresh perspective.


The Journey

On The Journey we will pick up specific threads of your life and tend to the what was, the what is and the what will be. Using various tools we will create the perfect balance of ordinary and extraordinary mapping towards the via transformitiva.


To be put on the waitlist for 1:1 work
with Kate Shela
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