~August 31st ~
11am – 6pm

The 360 Movement Lab
A Daylong with Kate Shela

Meet your presence by being present and welcome in The 360 practices
for embodied Life Retrieval.
We will open our 360 lens and co-create an embodied healing container
for collective vision
and fertile ground for somatic discovery and remembering:
Dance is health care
Music is medicine
Embodiment is knowing
Community is breath.
Your body can save the world. Take care of it.



~ Sept 8th ~
11am – 6pm

A Daylong with Kate Shela


Shape Shifters and Shit Shifters
Mess Melders
Delightful Disruptors
Life Lovers
We Stay
Born To Move
Like wolves we shake off the non-sense to make sense of sensations
We stay

Committed to coherence clarity communication and communion
The union of polarities allows us to see the future and embrace great imaginings
We combine affection and revolt in the face of cultural numbness
We stay
Yes we stay
And as we stay
So we must leave, journey, allow, see, and soar
To make wide room for our pirate selves our rebel with a cause our wandering spirits
Our call to freedom and its poetic wildness
To gather wisdoms out of the norms

How do we honor our staying and leaving
The let go and the stay true
How do we cherish and blend anchored flight
Your freedom
My freedom
Staying here right here
With it all
Arms wide open
Drop your anchors
Raise the prayer flags



~ Sept 14th + 15th ~
11am – 5pm both days

An Immersion with Kate Shela

I love you – I hate you.
Fuck You -Thank you.
Fight me – Fuck me.
Say SomeThing -Say NoThing.

Love and all its shredding shakti shakes
Love and all its effervescent doorways
Love and its endless nuances
Love to die for, Love to live for
Communing and Miscommunicating
A place to wrestle into wonder.

2 days to fall and fly with love
2 days to become your own soulmate
2 days to meet love in every direction
A whole life to commit to loving no matter what….

Byron Shire,  NSW


~ Oct 4th – 9th ~

with Kate Shela
Velan + Adya

This is an Advanced Residential Immersion by Application


A Deep Dive – A Lush Immersion

Into the embodied education of humans and nature.
Into bodies in motion.
Into the weaving of land and community.
Into the heart of delicious dialogues with the invisible.
Into the educational relational field.

Sink into the diversity of different streams of embodiment
and attune to the rhythmic body language of now.

Open multiple dialects with the symbolic, the etheric, the subtle
and merge with the mysterious threads that instruct your movements.

Thread your way home and be woven whole.


During our time we will:
•  Dance
•  Movement Koans
•  Earth Ritual
•  Retreat on the Land

Working 1 : 1
with Kate


My 1:1 work is depth-full delights.
We can move body, we can talk soul and sex, we can be with death,
dying and mourning,
we can talk dismemberment and rememberment, dysmorphia and desire,
we can explore leadership and movement facilitation.
All the while, laughing and crying in the exploratory process.

Truth is, after 34 years of teaching,
shamanic healing and my professional 360 long life with so many folks,
there ain’t nowhere we can’t go, so let’s go.


Sessions are available online via Zoom and there are a handful of sessions available in person.

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as we are not responsible for those transactions,
and you will be subject to individual policies for each event.

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