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In Person Agreements


Colorado In-Person Protocol


Star House Participation Agreements

    1. I understand that masks are required for all participants.
    2. I understand that colored wristbands will be used to communicate everyone’s needs for personal space while in the Starhouse. Red: I am socially distancing – please maintain 6 feet distance. Yellow: I am available for moderate contact such as elbow taps. Green: I am available for hugs and contact physical contact with consent.
    3. I understand that I must practice good hygiene protocol, which will include using provided hand sanitizer before entering the space and after bathroom breaks, as well as after touching surfaces.
    4. I understand that before entry I will have my temperature taken, and if it exceeds 100.4 degrees then I agree to not enter the space.
    5. If I have any symptoms (fever, cough, difficulty breathing, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting) I will stay home and contact The 360 Emergence as soon as possible to free up my space.
    6. I understand that if I get sick in the following 5 days after the event, I will notify The 360 Emergence so that the necessary cautionary measures can be taken for anyone else who was in the space
    7. I understand that as new information emerges, the protocol will also shift.
Los Angeles

Los Angeles In-Person Protocol

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