The 360 Apprentice Offerings

As The 360 Apprentices move forward in their training,
we will be inviting in teachers in training to offer The 360 Movement Labs.
We are so excited to introduce you.
Below you will find the offerings in their local communities,
followed by more information about who they are.

Meet The 360 Apprentices

 Alisa Barry, Atlanta, GA,  is an artist and intuitive alchemist who loves the language of movement. As the founder of lifestyle artisan food business, Bella Cucina, and ensO Japanese ink painter, Alisa synthesizes her entrepreneurial spirit, life experience wisdom, and twenty years of practice with various modalities of movement meditation into an offering of art in service. In The 360 Emergence teaching, Alisa invites “others: to step outside of their everyday autopilot lives into a soul-full somatic practice that both empties and fills, elevates awareness and regulates the nervous system. With an aesthetic mastery and grace, she creates an inspiring environment for individual and collective artistry and empowered embodiment to unfold.

Allyssa S. Rivera , Brooklyn, NY, (A-li-sha), pronouns she/her, holds an M.S. in Dance/Movement Therapy from Sarah Lawrence College and a B.A. in Socio-Cultural Anthropology from NYU. As an embodiment facilitator and dance alchemist with The 360 Emergence, she fuses therapeutic expertise with artistic and spiritual depth. Native to Puerto Rico, Allyssa’s journey through diverse clinical and community settings, including Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC, reflects her commitment to healing, as dance provided her from a very young age.  Currently based in Brooklyn, she practices privately and at the Creative Art Therapy Place. Allyssa’s holistic approach, shaped by cultural awareness, offers transformative experiences, showcasing the capacity for dance and movement to bridge cultures and catalyze growth.

Hayley Linthwaite, South Brisbane, Australia, Drawing on more than 30 years of experience, I specialize in theories, forms, and conventions of behavioral and systemic change, strategic conflict analysis, applied performance, and experiential learning. My life’s work focuses on ‘the unlock’ – the crossing of thresholds operating amongst the nexus of art, creativity, and leadership. With a Ph.D. in Applied Performance, a Master of Creative Industries, a Graduate Bachelor of Education, and a Bachelor of Arts, Drama, my expertise has been honed through extensive work in Australia, Europe, the United Kingdom, South America, and Asia as an experienced facilitator, transformational learning designer, social entrepreneur, and arts educator. In addition to integrating various spheres of knowledge, my approach to The 360 Emergence embodiment practice focuses on supporting leadership transformation by gaining a deeper understanding of your physical, emotional, rational, and symbolic selves.

Simone di Castri, Brooklyn, NY, Simo is a multi-dimensional teacher, facilitator, and consultant, with a diverse range of skills and experiences. He has spent 20 years working at the forefront of digital transformation, helping leaders in governments, philantropy organizations and the private sector to harness the power of technology to address socio-economic divides.
Simone also serves as a dedicated teacher of embodied movement practices, a facilitator of men’s work, and a guide and facilitator for those seeking to explore the transformative potential of plant and animal medicine and psychedelic-assisted therapy in a safe and supportive environment.
He draws on a variety of modalities, particularly The 360 Emergence and the Omega Point Programme, to help women and men connect with their bodies, emotions, and deeper selves. His work and life are rooted in a deep commitment to personal and collective transformation, social justice, and healing.

Dr. Tiffany Grimes, Los Angeles, CA,  has been driven by her curiosity surrounding the mind, body, and spirit connection, which led her to build an academic and professional background in Counseling Psychology, health, and intersectional multicultural inclusion and liberation. Her prior experiences have created a solid foundation for her work with individuals and communities that have historically been culturally erased, including Black, Indigenous, People of Color, LGBTQI+, and disability communities. Tiffany is dedicated to helping individuals, couples, families, communities, partnerships and businesses, discover their own internal compass to direct them towards living in the truest expression of themselves: Right here, right now.

Apprentices who have Initiated to Facilitators and are holding The 360 Offerings
can now be found on the In Person and Online Lab + Immersion pages.

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