The 360 Apprentice Offerings

As The 360 Apprentices move forward in their training,
we will be inviting in teachers in training to offer The 360 Movement Labs.
We are so excited to introduce you.
Below you will find the offerings in their local communities,
followed by more information about who they are.

The 360 Movement Lab

with Erin Rose Ward


Feb 12th, 26th +
March 12th, 26th
11am – 12:30pm


Soho Dance LA
Los Angeles, CA

The 360 Movement Lab

with Harwood Ferguson


Feb 7th,
March 14th +
April 4th
6:30pm – 8:00pm


Elixir Field Farm
Boulder, CO

Meet The 360 Apprentices

Harwood Ferguson, Boulder CO,  is an embodiment guide, dance teacher, and weaver of sacred sound. Across his life he has been a rites of passage guide, therapist, wilderness educator, and music teacher, and it is from this rich and diverse background that he brings his unique flavor into ceremonial spaces. With a focus on movement as ritual and prayer, sound and music as teachers and muses, and sacred instruments as talismans for healing and transformation, Harwood creates spaces where deep and lasting changes are made manifest.

Erin Rose Ward, Los Angeles, CA, is an embodiment guide passionate about the ceremony of every day life. She is a teacher who has been on a path of service for over a decade. She teaches and practices yoga, The Class, The 360 Emergence, breathwork, and Yoga Nidra. She is a student of the heart, as well as eastern and western psychology. She offers multiple retreats in the US and abroad each year as well as 1:1 well-being coaching sessions. She carries a deep reverence for the power of the heart which informs the way she moves through her life.

Looking for more opportunities to move with The 360 Emergence in person?
View The 360 Calendar of Offerings to see what is upcoming.

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