Zero Video

We are on the road to nowhere
and that is where our true education begins
Walk yourself into the epicenter of Zero
Where physical and spiritual matter crisscross
Silence our pathway
Music our guide
Body our divining rod
The archetypal crossroads exploration

of the holy zen punk monk
and the profane taboo jester
We will drink in equal measure

wholeness, emptiness, and fullness
Meeting the intrinsic natural knowing that we are everyone
Creating our own small space within the boundless
There is nothing to a void.
We are no one and every one.



A Sarah Prikryl Production –
Music “Living In Extraordinary Times” by James


A very personal interview with Kate for StyleLikeU.
A platform known for seeking out radically honest discourse with role models who stand outside of the cultural norms
and are comfortable in that edgy landscape.
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