TUNE + The 360 Compass | Ireland


An immersive experience of The 360 Emergence

with Amber Ryan



TUNE – A rooted, soul directed ecstatic dance

Friday, September 6th

7:00pm – 9:30pm


*Read below for full description



The 360 Compass – A 2 day immersion to expand somatic awareness and hone your ability to listen and act upon your body’s innate wisdom.


Saturday, September 7th

1:00pm – 6:00pm

Sunday, September 8th

12:00pm – 4:00pm


*Read below for full description





Nano Nagle College,

Cork, Ireland





Full Weekend Experience: 222 USD | 208 Euro


Saturday + Sunday Tier 1: 188 USD | 175 Euro


Saturday + Sunday Tier 2: 208 USD | 195 Euro


Friday Night Drop In Only: 32 USD | 30 Euro



Tickets are sold in separate “Tiers” in an effort to have a lower price range for those who may need support in attendance, as well as offering the opportunity to those who want to contribute a higher price to this offering to support our organization.


Tiers are first come, first serve and will be available until sold out.



If you need to pay in your Local Currency or In Person, are in need of Financial Assistance or would like to donate a ticket, please email Fio at fio@the360emergence.com





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There are many ways to meditate.
In TUNE we Dance.
We cast an intent into the heart, the body and the ether
and let the practical embodied magic of re-aligning EMERGE.


Connecting the individual to the communal,
from a landscape of deep authenticity and earnest embodied prayer.


In TUNE we dance for all 360 layers of our being human to EMERGE + MERGE
into the single GOLDEN THREAD of an aligned embodied awake human experience.


TUNE invites Exquisite Sound Scapes.
TUNE invites Interactive Sacred Art.
TUNE unites and elevates.



The 360 Compass:


The 360 Emergence hones and mobilizes the vital skills of
grounding, centering, and embodied energetics.
Straddling the line between freedom and rigor.
Igniting body knowledge that transforms our
personal self-limiting stories and patterns into
personal empowerment and communal inter-connection.

In this body of work we will practice brightening the body as a physical compass, illuminating ourselves from within
so as to skillfully navigate life’s varied directions.






After your purchase, a Welcome Letter will make its way to you with important preparatory information for this offering and our Lab Etiquette, along with the required  Liability Waiver to fill out. It’ll be sent to the email address you completed your purchase with.


If you do not receive this email or have any additional questions, please let us know at fio@the360emergence.com


Cancellation Policy:


All ticket sales are final with no refunds or transfers through The 360 Emergence. Should you not be able to attend this event for any reason, you may choose to sell your ticket to someone else. If you do sell your ticket, make sure the new ticket holder has written consent or proof of transfer (the emailed invoice) on their person for entry.


Lab Etiquette:


  1. Newcomers are always welcome.
  2. Doors close 20 mins after the start of each Lab to create a safe-held container. 
  3. Please enter the journey space in silence. 
  4. Please bring enough water with you for the entirety of the session, and as few personal belongings as possible.
  5. The dance floor is a talk free zone. If you need to talk with someone, please first consider and respect their dance, and if it is really important, please go outside to talk.
  6. This is a drug-free and alcohol-free space.
  7. No phones, Shazaam, or recording devices – no photography or video allowed.
  8. Please turn off all notifications and ringers.
  9. We kindly request participants to refrain from wearing clothing or jewelry that makes sound and to avoid wearing perfumes. Please wear clothes that are loose and comfortable and layers are recommended. 
  10. Please wear a soft shoe or barefoot – no socks or outside shoes on the dance floor.
  11. No gum please 




Please email fio@the360emergence.com if you have any questions.