Ceremony | A Solstice Dance

With Kate Shela + Amber Ryan

June 13th on Zoom | 10 am – 2 pm LA time
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Join us for the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, the Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere, as we begin the second cycle of Ceremony | An Solstice Dance.


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Sliding Scale $40 – $180 | $88 Suggested Contribution

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This Solstice we will celebrate the high joys of Summer’s awakening and remember the magic spring in our heart. In these momentous times of bright and dark our combined dance will bring to Earth, a sweet ripe harvest, the sensual evocation of passion and the magic of awake dreaming. Let’s welcome in this new season with lushness and the full bloom of juicy joy and a lover’s delight. Meet you at this turning point of collective giving and receiving.

Creating clear markers of intent and an opportunity to consistently take inventory, to cleanse, and to re-align over this extraordinary year.

We will meet for four hours to dance and take in the view.

We look forward to being with you at this, our second, seasonal turning point.

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