The 360 Movement Lab In Person with Kate Shela | L.A.


Soho Dance L.A.

Saturday Oct. 1st | 11am- 6pm
Sunday Oct. 2nd | 11am-5pm


Limited Capacity.
Online Sales only. No cash at the door.


Single Day : Oct 2nd $135 



You can attend the 2 day Lab as a progression of embodied healing experience. Or you can attend Saturday or Sunday as stand alone day longs.


Financial Assistance is available for Full Weekend purchases only. Inquire by contacting


Pre-Requisite for The 360 Emergence Apprenticeship |

This Immersion counts as 2 days in The Compass 


Lab + Covid Protocol + Cancellation Policy

in Description Below. PLEASE READ.


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The 360 Emergence offers a movement map that is a journey of discovery, healing, and actualization.


This dance floor will be fertile ground for somatic exploration and a deepening of new and ancient modalities. Co-creating a healing container for collective vision and life retrievals.


A body in motion helps us make sense of our world. With every foot step…With every song…With every drop of sweat…You can alter the world within you and around you.


So connect to your body. Connect to your agency.

Connect to your community. Connect to the earth.

The 360 will guide you home.


During This Lab You Will:

-Dance Dance Dance

-Experience the body as a compass

-Practice seeing and being seen


Saturday Oct. 1st | 11am-6pm

A day of embodied experiences, exploring The 360 mapping.

Opening our somatic and energetic lens, so we can continue to take care of ourselves and each other.

Sunday Oct. 2nd | 11am-5pm

A day of embodied healing, we will step into Circle Work. A 360 healing practice of being seen and being a witness.

Distilling it all through our grounded groove, human nuance and ecstatic union.




Covid Policy: 


  1. I will provide proof of a negative Covid test upon entry. This test will be taken before arriving. IF USING AN AT HOME TEST: We request you take a photo of the results at the time of taking the test, ensuring we see the actual result, and the timestamp of the photo to make sure it is within 72 hours.
  2. I understand that before entry I will have my temperature taken, and if it exceeds 100.4 degrees then I agree to not enter the space.
  3. Masking will be optional.
  4. If I have any symptoms (fever, cough, difficulty breathing, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting) I will stay home and contact The 360 Emergence as soon as possible to free up my space.
  5. I understand that I must practice good hygiene protocol, which will include using provided hand sanitizer before entering the space and after bathroom breaks, as well as after touching surfaces.
  6. I understand that if I get sick in the following 5 days after the event, I will notify The 360 Emergence so that the necessary cautionary measures can be taken for anyone else who was in the space.
  7.  I understand that as new information emerges, the protocol will also shift.



Lab Etiquette: 


  1. Doors close 20mins after the start of each class to create a safe held container.
  2. No children under 13 in the classrooms or to be left unattended in the foyer.
  3. This is a drug-free and alcohol-free space.
  4. No phones, shazam, or recording devices – no photography or video allowed – and please turn off all notifications and ringers.
  5. Newcomers are always welcome.
  6. Please wear loose comfortable clothes and layers are recommended.
  7. Please wear a soft shoe or barefoot – no socks on the dance floor.
  8. Please bring a bottle of water.
  9. Please enter the space in silence.
  10. Please refrain from wearing heavy perfumes or jewelry.
  11. No gum.


Cancellation Policy:


If you need to cancel for any reason after you have registered for this event,  you will receive a refund up to 2 weeks in advance of this offering (September 17th, 2022).  

Your refund will be the total amount paid minus a non refundable deposit of $50 for Full Weekend Tickets and $30 for Single Day Tickets + Financial Assistance Tickets.

.The refund will be returned in the platform that it was originally purchased, within 30 days of the request. There will be no refunds within two weeks of our start date.

The refund will be returned in the platform that it was originally purchased, within 30 days of the request. There will be no refunds within the two weeks of our start date.