The 360 Movement Meditation

An Online Movement Meditation Lab
with Amber Ryan


September 7th
5 pm  – 6 pm LA Time
Click here to find your local time.


via Zoom
or via On Demand recording.


The recording will be available after the session,
and viewable for 7 days.


It is important to us that this offering is financially accessible.
We suggest a contribution of $20.00
and a sliding scale beginning at $5.00.

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Once you complete your transaction, you will receive the Zoom Link in your receipt. If you are subscribed to our mailing list a welcome letter which will contain the link for the lab you are registered for will also be sent to you.


You only need to register once to join with your household.


Please share only the event link for people that wish to join. We have a maximum capacity, so sharing the Zoom link will disrupt the program for those who are registering.


The recording of Tune will be sent to you with an On Demand link four hours after the close of the session, and will be available for you to view for one week.



Amber’s Lab Architecture :
• Doors open at 4:45pm Los Angeles Time
• Please arrive on time, at or before 5pm Los Angeles
• At 5pm Los Angeles Time, the hour-long Movement Session will begin.
• Your presence is requested for the duration of the session.
• We may close with 15-20 minutes of Connection / Integration / Shares following the completion of the movement session. This part is optional.
• Time Zone is PT (Pacific Time/Los Angeles)


Zoom Guidelines :
• To honor the container, please share only the Eventbrite link for people that wish to join.
• Your output microphone will be defaulted to mute so feel free to make as much noise as you wish.
• At some point Amber may open the space up for shares. Please utilize the ‘raise your hand’ function if you’d like to share, by tapping the three dots in the box with your own video and using the drop down menu to select raise your hand. Amber will invite participants to share and a host will un-mute them.
• During the session you can use the chat feature to message our host if you need support.


Creating a Safe Container :
• In Zoom, you have the ability to “pin” or partner with another participant. This feature only changes your view. There is no way of directly knowing whether or not someone has pinned your video. If you would like to choose not to be pinned by another participant we simply request that you turn your video off. Turning your video on is the indicator of your consent for another participant to pin you. If you would like to plan a partner dance you can chat with another participant directly.
• To meet your comfortability you may turn off your video at any point.
• Anyone exhibiting inappropriate behavior on screen, or in the chat, will be removed by the Host.
• The 360 Emergence records each session. No recording will be shared without the consent of any participant on the recording.
• If you prefer to not have your share recorded, you can request that we pause the recording before you speak.
• Please hold whatever is shared by another participant within the group in confidence.


Preparation :

• Wear clothing that is comfortable to move and sweat in.
• Have your computer charged or plugged in.
• Set your space in a way that feels good to you, where your practice will be uninterrupted. Creating ambient lighting if it is available or lighting a candle if that is your way.
• Please have your water near you so once we begin this hourlong practice, you can be present for the duration.


If you have any questions before we begin please email