ZERO with Amber Ryan | Boulder, CO


Friday, December 1st 

7:30pm – 9:3pm


Saturday, December 2nd 

with Guest Artist: Kate Shela

5:00pm – 9:00pm



You can attend ZERO as a 2 day progression of embodiment practice,

or you can attend Friday evening or Saturday only as stand-alone offerings.

Please show your receipt of purchase at the door.

Friday Only Drop In –  $35

Saturday Only Drop In – $65

Both Days – $85



Boulder Circus Center

Boulder, CO 




With any questions, please contact Shanna at



Please take the time to carefully read Description + Cancellation Policy below. 

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Cross the threshold into Zero and dissolve into the unified field.

Join Amber Ryan and The 360 Emergence for an extraordinary night or two as we enter into the landscape of Zero.



What is Zero?

The landscape of the empty fullness

A channel to plug into

A portal into the void

A place where healing and wholeness take place

A space where vision and spirit meet

Experience The 360 Emergence somatic embodiment practice and discover the deeper pulsations that are within you and around you. Come be met by the power of the dance, so you may find your way home to your truest knowings.




Step in as you are

Meet yourself in your own current

Retrieve lost parts of yourself

Practice the ability of seeing and be seen

Open up awareness 360 degrees

Dance and be danced until you dissolve into the unified field.

The 360 Emergence

Together we develop our individual and collective human potential.

Together we go.

Together we grow.



Cancellation Policy:




Our cancellation policy is clear and firm.

There are no refunds for Drop In Tickets for Friday only or Saturday only purchases. You may choose to sell or gift your purchase to someone else.

If you do, make sure the new ticket holder has written consent or proof of transfer (the emailed invoice) on their person for entry.



If you have purchased the 2 day ZERO offering and you need to cancel for any reason, illness or emergency after you have registered and do so any time before November 25th, 2023.


We will credit your ticket price minus a non refundable deposit of $30. This credit is applicable for use towards a future in person or online offering with The 360. This credit will be accessible for a year.


There will be no credits processed after November 25th for purchases of the complete offering.

You may choose to sell or gift your purchase to someone else.

If you do, make sure the new ticket holder has written consent or proof of transfer (the emailed invoice) on their person for entry.


Lab Etiquette:


  1. Newcomers are always welcome.
  2. No children under 13 in the classrooms or to be left unattended outside the venue.
  3. Doors close 20 mins after the start of each class to create a safe-held container. 
  4. Please enter the journey space in silence. 
  5. Please bring enough water with you for the entirety of the session, and as few personal belongings as possible.
  6. The dance floor is a talk free zone. If you need to talk with someone, please first consider and respect their dance, and if it is really important, please go outside to talk.
  7. This is a drug-free and alcohol-free space.
  8. No phones, shazam, or recording devices – no photography or video allowed, Please turn off all notifications and ringers.
  9. We kindly request participants to refrain from wearing clothing or jewelry that     makes sound and to avoid wearing perfumes. Please wear clothes that are loose and comfortable and layers are recommended. 
  10. Please wear a soft shoe or barefoot – no socks or outside shoes on the dance floor.
  11. No gum please 
  12. Please be aware of hygiene. This is a natural, human issue, but we can help each other by arriving freshly bathed or showered, and with non-fragranced deodorant to help keep the space neutral to the best of our abilities during our practice.



Covid Protocol:


  1. As of now, we will not require testing. Should there be a surge, this may be implemented closer to the date of the offering.
  2. Masking will be optional.
  3. I understand that I must practice good hygiene protocol, which will include using provided hand sanitizer before entering the space and after bathroom breaks, as well as after touching surfaces.
  4. If I have any symptoms (fever, cough, difficulty breathing, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting) I will stay home.
  5. I understand that as new information emerges, the protocol may also shift.



Please email if you have any questions.