Seer in The Circle

Kate Shela + Amber Ryan
with Velan Cadden

Assisted by Samantha Lane



April 22nd – 26th
Joshua Tree Retreat Center
Joshua Tree, CA

This is an Advanced Immersion

By Application Only

Limited Spaces Available

The Container

Seer in The Circle is an advanced immersion within The 360 mapping, created for those who are ready to deepen skills of seership within the context of the greater community.


These 5 days will be a time to sit in the altar of vision,
honing our ability to see from all directions.


Seeing with truth and compassion our own vast internal landscape.
Seeing with clarity and kindness others in our orbit.
Seeing with our 10,000 eyes and the singular, one focused eye,
the pulsations and movements within community.


Held by the powerful practical magiks of the dance
We will move to merge into a true state of zero.
We will journey between the worlds of the seen and unseen,
between form and formless.
We will fine tune our way with words and communicate with grace.
We will hollow into the dance so that potent life retrievals emerge.

Practices Will Include:

Movement + Dance
Circle Work
Energetic Arts +  Calligraphy Qi Gong
Altar Creation + Dialogue with the Land

Seer in The Circle is an advanced Immersion with
The 360 Emergence.
It is a mandatory prerequisite that you have attended
an in-person Immersion or Lab with Kate and/or Amber to participate.


The only exceptions will include experienced embodiment teachers in other modalities.


Vitamin Dance or Tune are not considered prerequisites.
If your only Immersion experience is an On-Demand version of
The 360 Compass or SEER, and you have no other experience
with Kate and Amber, we suggest you email us before trying to register.


If you are uncertain that this experience is right for you,
please email


Your Guides

Kate Shela

Kate Shela

Kate is a dynamic shapeshifter, a potent shamanic healer and seer. Her teaching life spans nearly 3 decades.
A catalyst with poetic heart who creates life retrievals.
Kate drops into the belly of listening and draws out the innate healer in each of us.
She possesses a bold improvisational style and a passionate sense of humor that enables magic to ooze into the everyday moments.

She has collaborated with are The Polish National Ballet, V (Eve) Ensler, Sony, The British Association of Anger Management, Summit at Sea, Summit LA and The Omega Institute.
She works with ordinary extraordinary humans from most walks of life including: A Listers and Global CEO’s, Medical Students, Doctors and Dentists.
A trained massage therapist, Kate worked for two decades as a wardrobe stylist in print, film and runway.
Kate was a student and teacher to the late Gabrielle Roth for 25 years and is now a student of Carmita Vicente -Chief and Medicine Woman of Ecuador.

Amber Ryan

Amber Ryan

Amber Ryan in an embodiment architect and maestra sound smith in the world of movement meditation and ecstatic dance. She is co-founder of The 360 Emergence, along side Kate Shela, and has led groups and experiences at Envision Festival, Wanderlust Festival, Omega Institute, Ester Perel’s Sessions Live, and many dance floors across the globe.

With crystalline clarity, she creates impeccable containers for transformational soul work to take place. She is powerfully present and delivers exquisite ceremonial spaces for lasting change.
Amber was a student of the late Gabrielle Roth, and now studies with Rod Stryker. Her current passion is sharing the ancient teachings of Yoga Nidra
and doing her part to elevate humanity during these extraordinary times.

Velan Cadden

Velan Cadden

Velan is a movement devotee, and at the core of his work he is an activator for cultural change.

Velan is passionate about cultivating energy and exploring the limits, edges and boundaries of the human journey. He has a wide range of global experience from teaching in conscious communities, to the field of high performance with professional athletes and coaches, to the engagement with CEO’s and management teams.

Velan is deeply influenced by Master Zhen Hua Yang and has been working with energetic cultivation for the past decade. He applies this work in the subtle martial arts of relating and within the relational field of conflict. He is also a student of Carmita Vicente (Chief, Medicine Woman of Ecuador) which has activated a deep embodied inquiry about the communication, dialogue and reciprocity with the living forces on earth.

Sam Lane

Samantha Lane

Samantha Lane brings a graceful invitation for healing. Embodying her mission of profound social change and conscious evolution with a quarter century of leadership; she uncovers and revels in the potency of being awake and alive in a body.
She is certified in Nia, 5Rhythms, and The 360 Emergence.
With training in The Polyvagal Theory and Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness, she empowers self-regulation and magnifies radical loving kindness.  Informed by her own keen awareness of injury and trauma, this Phoenix has guided dance spaces throughout Southern California, Boulder, and at festivals from coast to coast; encouraging a collective brilliance to ascend from the ashes everywhere she goes.
A community builder in her Charlottesville and Richmond, Virginia home, she invests in the full range of humans being.

Joshua Tree Retreat Center

 The Joshua Tree Retreat Center represents the largest collection anywhere of Lloyd Wright mid-century buildings constructed and aligned with organic architecture principles. Embodying the essence of organic architecture, the interweaving of civilization and human habitation with the natural world, is at the core of this historical space. The 140-acre desert campus offers serene walking paths and vortex energy locations to explore, an exercise pool, and a hot tub for relaxation.


The accommodations are very simple and basic in their amenities.
If you are a person who desires a certain level of comfort that
exceeds what the property has to offer, we will provide a list of things
you may want to bring to enhance your stay during Seer in The Circle.


Accommodations on the Joshua Tree Retreat Center campus
vary in configuration. All preferences are based on single and shared occupancy.
Room selection is first come first serve.


All prices are per person and include tuition for the retreat,
your choice of accommodation, 3 meals each day.


All selections are first come first serve, and room assignment
will not have preference beyond shared or single.


 If you are purchasing shared accommodations
and we are unable to fill the other bed in your selection,
we will be in touch to discuss revisions to your accommodation preference
which may or may not result in a price increase.

Private Accommodations

Shared Accommodations

Single  Suite
—  $2600 —
Living room +  Bedroom with 1 queen bed and private bathroom


Single Queen
—  $2450 — SOLD OUT —
Queen bed with private bathroom



Single Queen
—  $2250 —
Room with 1 queen bed + shared bathroom with 1 other room


Single Twin
—  $2175 — 
Room with 1 Twin, + shared bathroom with 1 other room 

— $2125 — 

2 Twin Beds, 1 Private Bathroom


Double (financial aid)
— $1700 —
Bedroom with 2 Twin beds + shared bathroom with 1 other room

 It is possible that room accommodations once listed as Sold Out
MAY become available in the coming weeks.


If a selection is sold out, please purchase your second choice for accommodation
and email to be added to the waitlist.
We will contact you if/when space becomes available.


 If you are a couple and would like a shared occupancy
with one queen bed, please email


 If you are purchasing a shared accommodation and have a preferred person to room with,
you will be able to indicate this on your registration form.
If both parties consent, we will honor your request.

Additional Costs

Below are additional costs that are not included in the price of tuition.


•  Pre-Immersion Covid testing.

•  Cost of transportation to Joshua Tree Retreat Center.

Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policy is clear and firm.

We strongly recommend that you purchase
a travel insurance policy to protect your investment.
Please ensure that your policy covers the cost of the retreat, not just your travel.

See below for different options for insurance companies that have a multitude of policies
to choose from, including a “cancel for any reason” rider option, along with trip expenses, health & emergency expenses, trip cancellation/interruption, among others.


We do not endorse the policies listed below, as these are simply suggestions
to protect your investment. Typically, to be eligible for certain benefits, you must purchase coverage within a specific amount of time from when you booked your trip.
You can choose any plan that suits your needs outside what we have extended to you.


Travel Insurance Policy Options:



. Included in the purchase price of this offering
is a 25% non-refundable and non-transferable fee.


Prior to February 22, 2024, if you need to cancel for any reason,
illness or emergency your payment will be refunded to you,
minus the non-refundable, non-transferable fee.

On or After February 22 and before March 24, 2024 if you need to cancel for any reason,
the difference between your total purchase and the 25% fee can be applied
toward the payment of any future Online or In Person event with The 360 Emergence,
(where applicable). Any credit must be used within 18 months of cancellation.

Refunds may take up to 14 business days to be effective.


Cancellations on or after March 24, 2024: You will forfeit ALL money rendered.
Please do not make any travel arrangements BEFORE receiving confirmation of registration.

Payment Plans

The 360 Emergence is committed to supporting our community so that certain barriers do not stand in the way of participation. Below we offer options for joining our Immersion at JTRC

A 2 Part Payment Plan is Available

You will pay 50% of the total amount due immediately and the remaining 50% will be billed automatically on February 22, 2024

If you would like to request an alternative payment plan please email


Payment Plan Terms & Conditions.
Please read carefully:

25% of the total ticket price is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Prior to February 22, 2024, if you need to cancel for any reason, illness or emergency
your initial payment will be refunded to you, minus the non-refundable, non-transferable fee.

On of After February 22 and prior to March 24th, 2024 the total amount you have paid minus the 25% non-refundable, non-transferable fee will be transferred to you as a credit valid for any applicable purchase with The 360 Emergence within the next 18 months.

No refunds or transfers will be made on or after March 24, 2024


Your initial payment does not guarantee your space in this offering. Your space will be held until your final installment date.
Your registration will be complete once you have completed all payments and the total balance is paid and all required forms are completed.

We will contact you once for any payments that do not go through. If we do not receive a response, we will assume you are forfeiting your space, and your payments will be returned or credited based on the cancellation policy stated above.

If your space is forfeited, and you choose to re-register, you will be asked to pay the ticket price in full.

Initiation of a payment plan shall be considered acknowledgement of these terms and conditions and cancellation policy.

Covid Policy

We are showing up in service
to each other’s personal healing and communal healing.
Accordingly, we will follow clear protocols related to Covid-19
to prioritize everyone’s health and safety at this retreat.
As of November 29th 2023, this is our protocol,
please keep in mind that it may be subject to change.



Before your arrival:
• We highly suggest quarantining before this to protect
your investment and fellow Seer in The Circle participants.

• Testing is required within 12 hours before your arrival or as close
to your arrival time as possible. PCR and antigen test results are accepted.

• If you are traveling via public transport we suggest you please remain masked
in public spaces until your arrival to minimize exposure.



During our time together:
• Masks will be optional during sessions.

• Re-testing will happen if people become symptomatic

• If any symptoms of Covid appear during our time together, you will be required
to get a negative Covid test before being able to rejoin the group.
If you test positive, you will be responsible for your quarantine and healthcare costs.
We highly encourage all participants, vaccinated or not, to get travel insurance
to support you in this if it becomes needed.


After our time together:
• 5 days after the Immersion, if you test positive for Covid,
it is your responsibility to inform The 360 Emergence to report your results.

Arrival + Departure

Once registered, in your welcome letter, we will have information
from taxi and shuttle operators that you will be able to contact
to arrange your arrival at Joshua Tree Retreat Center.
These are suggestions only and not endorsements.
We will also have a Google Sheet for registered participants to
arrange rideshare opportunities with each other.

The below information is to help you plan your travel arrangements.


Nearby Airports include:
Ontario Airport (approx. 1 hour 41 minute commute)
Palm Springs International Airport (approx. 51 minute commute)
LAX (approx. 3 hour commute).


We suggest planning your arrival with enough time for an easeful commute
to JTRC before beginning our first session on April 12th
and also with enough time to ground yourself before leaving on April 16th.




April 22nd: Check-in between 3:00 pm – 4:45 pm | Orientation is at 5:00 pm

You may arrive on the property starting at noon if needed.
Please email info@the360emergence to let us know of your early arrival.



April 26th at 11:00am

We will have breakfast and our final session together before being off property at 11:00 am.
All belongings will need to be out of the rooms by 9:00 am.


•  Complete the Application by clicking below.


•  Once you complete your application, if you have the required pre-requisites you will be prompted to visit the purchase page to select your lodging. If your preferred lodging is not available you may put yourself on the waitlist for that room type. All spaces are first come first serve, and your space will not be reserved until you have completed your purchase. Filling out the application does not promise there is a space available.


•  Seer in The Circle  is a deep and rigorous offering. If there is anything in your application form that would indicate that this is not an experience that you would benefit from, we will reach out to you for a further conversation. It is a prerequisite that you have attended in-person or online Immersion with Kate and/or Amber to attend. The only exceptions will include experienced embodiment teachers in other modalities. NOTE: Vitamin Dance or Tune are not considered to apply to the prerequisite.If your only Immersion experience is an On-Demand version of The 360 Compass or SEER, and you have no other experience with Kate and Amber, we suggest you email us before trying to register. If you are unsure if this experience is for you, please email


Reminder: Your spot will not be reserved until you have secured the payment portion.
We recommend doing this promptly to get the lodging you prefer.

Photo Credit for Images 1,2,3,4: Sarah Prikryl

Photo Credit for Images 5+6: Joshua Tree Retreat Center website