Circle of Us

The 360 Compass

An Embodiment Immersion

with Amber Ryan + Kate Shela


Independent Study

The human body contains 30 trillion cells,
72 thousand nadis,
7 major wisdom centers, 5 elements, 1 heart and 1 soul.
It is an exquisite network of intelligence.
Home to our human experience- our one true address.


The 360 Compass is a progressive embodiment tool kit.
Utilizing modern ancient techniques from ecstatic dance,
movement meditation, yoga nidra, to seership.


The 360 Emergence hones and mobilizes vital skills of
grounding, centering, and energetics.
Straddling the line between freedom and rigor.
Igniting body knowledge that transforms our
personal self limiting stories and patterns into personal empowerment.


In this 3 day immersion we will practice brightening the body as a physical compass;
illuminating ourselves from within,
so as to skillfully navigate life’s varied directions.


Join The 360 Compass to deepen your human tool kit
and awaken to a living 360 perspective.


This immersion is for both students and teachers on the path of embodiment.
This study will nourish, heal and educate.


The 360 Compass is part of the core curriculum for
The 360 Emergence
and is required study if you wish to be considered for
our future apprenticeship.

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On-Demand access is available for independent study.

After Registering, you will be sent a link to a private page to begin your journey. The password given to you will be accessible for 6 weeks after the date of purchase.

If you have questions please email