with Kate Shela + Amber Ryan


~NEW SPACES Available~

April 12th – 16th
Joshua Tree Retreat Center
Joshua Tree, CA

This is Our First Ever In Person SEER Immersion.
This is an Advanced Immersion for All Genders.

Limited Spaces Available.


In the before time Seers were healers, diviners, wizards, witches, crones, priests and priestesses, banishers of plague, midwives, tenders of the living and the dead, both exalted, feared, and common because like all medicine people, they walked the fine line between life and death, between health and the abyss. They were in the temples and the streets, the deserts and the forests. They frequented islands, mainlands, inlands, outlands and deep interior landscapes.


The Seer was an instrument of Earth herself. Seers could no more control their seeing than stop their hearts from beating. The old Seers were forces of nature, and their bodies were the instrument through which these forces worked. They lay close to the heart and soul of the world. Sought equally by the powerful and the powerless, Seers offered their knowledge in service to the greater good.


Nowadays, there are no temples and there is no training for Seers, and Seers are no longer dreamed into life with intent. But Earth still calls forth her Seers. Seers are everywhere and everyone, from every race, gender, religion, and land. They embody their own unique forms and styles. No longer exalted, but a unique, vital and necessary part of the web of all life.


The Seer is a living embodiment of life lived in full color. Seers know the body is their temple. They embody sovereignty and are able to be both open and close to the world around them. They can summon a veil of invisibility as well as open the hearts of strangers, all the while tending to the daily. They give voice and shape to the signs and symbols, the sacred and the profane, the ordinary and the extraordinary. The Seer walks a path of public and private service. They take up residence in the quickening silence and sound.


During this first ever advanced in person SEER immersion, we will drop into a lush ceremonial landscape. The dance will hold the temple of our work. The lush nights and darkness will ignite our sight and our healing. Be ready to plunge and breathe in with your seership and seercraft.


The Container

SEER is an advanced Immersion with The 360 Emergence.
It is a mandatory pre-requisite that you have attended
an in-person or online Immersion with Kate and/or Amber to participate.


The only exceptions will include experienced embodiment teachers in other modalities.


Vitamin Dance or Tune are not considered prerequisites.
If your only Immersion experience is an On-Demand version of The 360 Compass or SEER,
and you have no other experience with Kate and Amber, we suggest you email us before trying to register.


If you are uncertain that this experience is right for you,
please email

In This Immersion You Will: 

• Dance and explore through embodiment
• Deepen your embodiment intelligence as a bridge into Seeing
•  Seership + Healing practices
• Investigate your own personal gifts as a Seer
• Undertake night and land practices
• Meet and see many Seers

What is Ceremony for The 360?


Ceremony is a call to presence.
Ceremony is a call to communal prayer and intent.
A call to merge and unify with the mystery.
Ceremony is taking the focus off our everyday ordinary mundane robotic
living and placing our attention on our inside world and connecting to the invisible world.


Ceremony is a consistent communion with humility.
It allows us to lay down our ego, our striving, our competition,
our succeeding, our lacking, our envy, our winning, our consuming.
In the face of nature, which is the true face of spirit.
Here, we feel a greater sense of attunement with the world.


During ceremony we lay down our need for individual power.
We pick up the threads of deep longing + loving
to create respectful, communal, poetic harmony.
Ceremony is a return to a way of living and being that began with life itself.
It is etched in our DNA.

JTRC Kate + Amber
JTRC Labyrinth
JTRC | Circle

Guest Teachers

Guest Teachers and Artists will be announced soon!

Joshua Tree Retreat Center

 The Joshua Tree Retreat Center represents the largest collection anywhere of Lloyd Wright mid-century buildings constructed and aligned with organic architecture principles. Embodying the essence of organic architecture, the interweaving of civilization and human habitation with the natural world, is at the core of this historical space. The 140-acre desert campus offers serene walking paths and vortex energy locations to explore, an exercise pool, and a hot tub for relaxation.


The accommodations are very simple and basic in their amenities.
If you are a person who desires a certain level of comfort that exceeds what the property has to offer, we will provide a list of things you may want to bring in order to enhance your stay during SEER.


Accommodations on the Joshua Tree Retreat Center campus
vary in configuration. All preferences will be based on single and shared occupancy.
Room selection is first come first serve.


All prices are per person and include tuition for the retreat,
your choice of accommodation, 3 healthy meals each day.

All selections are first come first serve, and room assignment
will not have preference beyond shared or single.


If you are a couple and would like a shared occupancy with one queen bed, please email


If you are purchasing a shared accommodation and have a preferred person to room with,
you will be able to indicate this on your registration form.
If both parties consent, we will honor your request.


A 50% deposit on your accommodation of choice is required for registration.
Final payments will be initiated on January 12th, 2023.
Any registrations after January 12th, 2023 are required to be paid in full.


The first step in registration will be the registration form.
Then you will be prompted to secure your accommodations.
If you are purchasing shared accommodations
and we are unable to fill the other bed in your selection,
we will be in touch to discuss revisions to your accommodation preference
which may or may not result in a price increase.

Ridge Cottages


Located closest to Nobel Hall.
All cottages have private bathrooms.
Each cottage has an individual configuration
with either one queen bed or two twin beds.


Single – Standard – SOLD OUT
(with one queen bed)  —  $2310


Shared –  Standard – AVAIL
(with two twin beds) —  $2110

Located closest to the pool.
All rooms have private bathrooms.
Each room has an individual configuration most
with either one queen bed or two twin beds.


Single – Deluxe – SOLD OUT
(living room w/ bedroom; queen bed) — $2450


Single – Standard – SOLD OUT
(Studio; queen bed) — $2310


Shared – Deluxe – AVAIL
(two separate sleeping quarters; twin beds) — $2160


Shared – Standard – SOLD OUT
(one room; twin beds) — $2110

*** It is possible that room accommodations once listed as SOLD OUT, may become available in the coming weeks.


If a selection is sold out, you will be prompted to enter your email address to be added to the waitlist. We will contact you if/when space becomes available. 

Additional Costs

Below are additional costs that are not included in the price of tuition.

•  Pre-Immersion + On-site Covid testing.

•  Cost of transportation to Joshua Tree Retreat Center.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel for any reason, after you have registered for this event,
you can receive a refund minus a $500 fee
up to six weeks in advance of this offering
(March, 1st 2023).


After this date, if you test positive for Covid or are experiencing an emergency,
your funds minus the $500 fee will be returned ONLY IF your spot
can be replaced by a new participant.
If your spot is not filled, your investment will not be refunded.


We strongly suggest that everyone purchase additional traveler’s insurance to protect
your investment.


In the event that the US government makes the execution of this event legally impossible by mandating the closure of hotels including Joshua Tree Retreat Center, the retreat will be canceled and deposits will be refunded.

Covid Policy

The 360 Emergence takes the health of all of our community members seriously.

We recognize this is a radical act.
We are showing up to this to be in service to each other’s personal healing and communal healing.
Accordingly, we will follow clear protocols related to Covid-19
to prioritize everyone’s health and safety at this retreat.


As of April 20, 2022, this is our protocol, it is subject to change.


Before your arrival: 

• Vaccinated and Non-Vaccinated participants are both welcome to attend this event.

•  We highly suggest quarantining before this to protect your investment and fellow SEER participants.

•  Testing within 12 hours before your arrival or as close to your arrival time as possible. PCR and antigen test results are accepted.

•  If you are traveling via public transport we suggest you please remain masked in public spaces until your arrival to minimize exposure.


During our time together:

•  JTRC suggests we remain masked in communal areas: the main office, the bookstore, and the cafe.

•  Masks will be optional during sessions.

•  At the beginning of each day, we will perform temperature checks.

•  Re-testing will happen on full day number 2 of the SEER.

•  If any symptoms of Covid appear during our time together, you will be required to get a negative Covid test before being able to rejoin the group. If you test positive, you will be responsible for your quarantine and healthcare costs. We highly encourage all participants, vaccinated or not, to get travel insurance to support you in this if it becomes needed.


After our time together:

•  5 days after the retreat, if you test positive for Covid, it is your responsibility to inform The 360 Emergence to report your results.

Arrival + Departure

Once registered, in your welcome letter, we will have information from taxi and shuttle operators that you will be able to contact to arrange your arrival at Joshua Tree Retreat Center. These are suggestions only and not endorsements.
We will also have a closed Facebook group for registered participants to arrange rideshare opportunities with each other. The below information is to help you plan your travel arrangements.


Nearby Airports include:
Ontario Airport (approx. 1 hour 41 minute commute)
Palm Springs International Airport (approx. 51 minute commute)
LAX (approx. 3 hour commute).


We suggest planning your arrival with enough time for an easeful commute to JTRC before beginning our first session on April 12th
and also with enough time to ground yourself before leaving on April 16th.




April 12th: Check-in between 3:00 pm – 4:45 pm | Orientation is at 5:00 pm

You may arrive on the property starting at noon if needed.
Please email bobbierae@the360emergence to let us know of your early arrival.



April 16th at 11:00am

We will have breakfast and our final session together before being off property at 11:00 am.
All belongings will need to be out of the rooms by 9:00 am.


•  Complete the Application by clicking below.


•  Once you complete your registration form, if you have the required pre-requisites you will be prompted to visit the purchase page to select your lodging. If your preferred lodging is not available you may put yourself on the waitlist for that room type. All spaces are first come first serve, and your space will not be reserved until you have completed your purchase. Filling out the registration form does not promise there is a space available.


•  SEER is a deep and rigorous offering. If there is anything in your registration form that would indicate that this is not an experience that you would benefit from, we will reach out to you for a further conversation. It is a prerequisite that you have attended in-person or online Immersion with Kate and/or Amber to attend. The only exceptions will include experienced embodiment teachers in other modalities. NOTE: Vitamin Dance or Tune are not considered to apply to the prerequisite.If your only Immersion experience is an On-Demand version of The 360 Compass or SEER, and you have no other experience with Kate and Amber, we suggest you email us before trying to register. If you are unsure if this experience is for you, please email


Reminder: Your spot will not be reserved until you have secured the payment portion.
We recommend doing this promptly to get the lodging you prefer.

Financial Assistance + Payment Plans

Payment Plans are available during checkout,
you can select to pay 50% now and then the remaining balance to be paid on January 12, 2023.
You will receive a reminder to complete your payment within your account leading up to this date.


There are a few select spaces available at a discounted rate
for those who would not be able to attend without financial assistance.
As these spaces are limited, we are requesting that you write in for consideration
no later than July 8th as these spaces will fill quickly.

Please contact Bobbie Rae at

Photo Credit for Images 1,2,3,4: Sarah Prikryl

Photo Credit for Images 5+6: Joshua Tree Retreat Center website