with Kate Shela + Amber Ryan


September 10th – 12th
on Zoom

In the before time Seers were healers, diviners, wizards, witches, midwives, crones, priests and priestesses, banishers of plague, tenders of the dead,
both exalted, feared, and common because like all medicine people, they walked the fine line between life and death, between health and the abyss.
They were in the temples and the streets, the deserts and the forests.
They frequented islands, mainlands, inlands, outlands and deep interior landscapes.


The Seer was an instrument of Earth herself.
Seers could no more control their seeing than stop their hearts from beating.
The old Seers were forces of nature, and their bodies were the instrument through which these forces worked. They lay close to the heart and soul of the world.


In the now times there are no such temples
and there is no such training for Seers,
they are no longer dreamed into life with intent.
In the now times, Seers are everywhere and everyone.
They come in many forms and styles. They can summon a veil of invisibility as well as open the hearts of strangers. All the while tending to the daily, they give voice and shape to signs and symbols, to the sacred and the profane, the ordinary and the extraordinary.
The Seer walks a path of public and private service. They take up residence in the quickening silence and sound.


At this pivotal time, where the intersection
of ancient and modern ways converge,
we will look back and forwards,
gathering the deep wisdoms of the cross-cultural seers and begin to honor the teachings of  healing, listening, guiding and tending.
Gathering knowledge in service to the greater good.



In This Three Day Immersion You Will:
• Deepen your embodiment intelligence
as a bridge into Seeing.
• Be introduced to Seership + Healing practices.
• Investigate your own personal gifts as a Seer.



SEER is part of the core curriculum for
The 360 Emergence
and is required study if you wish to be considered for
our future apprenticeship.

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$225 Early Bird Price available through July 6th.


Friday | 10am – 12pm PT
Saturday | 10am – 12:30pm & 1pm – 3pm PT
Sunday | 10am – 12:30pm & 1pm – 3pm PT

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On-Demand viewing available for remote learning,
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