The 360 Emergence


Kate Berglund

Perez Zeledon, Costa Rica

Kate Berglund has over a decade of experience taking businesses from 0 to 1, designing internal operations, and supporting senior leaders. In high school she wanted to be an architect, and while she doesn’t design buildings today, she is an architect of systems, processes, and organizations. She is also a seasoned producer with events such as Envision Festival and countless retreats under her belt.
Balancing her linear prowess, Kate draws inspiration from a decade spent living close to the Earth in rural Costa Rica and from the messy joys and challenges of motherhood. As a facilitator of The 360 Emergence, Kate holds spaces for compassionate curiosity, inquiry, and integration. Her facilitation is a blend of rigor, architecture, and grace. Her deep belief in the power of “both/and” inspires her to build bridges between the mystery and linear, business and embodiment.