The 360 Emergence


MarĂ­a Carniero

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Maria is an Argentinean settled in Buenos Aires. She has a law and mediation degree, and also in Gestalt, Bioenergetic Therapy, T.R.E. (Tension and Trauma Release Exercise) and Sound Healing. She studied with teachers from different disciplines, including theater, singing, yoga, and contemporary and oriental dance. She teaches Conflict Resolution at the University of Buenos Aires.

She loves to travel and honor Mother Nature, where butterfly medicine illuminates life with the art of transformation. She believes that through movement we can find the freedom to be and create from our own soul. Her containers invite us to immerse in the visible and invisible world and develop ourselves through a ludic and spiritual language, and discover the love that lies within our hearts, leading us to build paths of peace that bring love to this Earth.

IG: @mariacarneiro28