An Online Immersion

with Kate Shela + Amber Ryan

May 3rd – 7th

10am PDT – 2pm PDT each day


We are committed to bringing ourselves and those who come into all our rooms, to thresholds of self-governance.


We are committed to bringing awareness to the blindspots that we carry as individuals and as a community so that we can expand into our fullest form.


We believe in the integration of ancient practices and new technologies. Bringing them together into the ever new, to create the fluid human.


In these extraordinary times we are being asked to be resilient, multi-faceted, multi-political, multi-gendered, whole hearted beings.


We are becoming a vibrant thriving organism that practices on the edge of what we know and don’t know.

Engaged in transformation

We become the empty whole.


There is nothing to a Void.

Zero awaits you at the crossroads.


The Container

Throughout this Online Immersion We Will :

Discover + Develop

Dance + Embody

Connect + Integrate

Open our awareness of self and our new world

Practice brand new ways to see and be seen

Step into the unknowns and retrieve lost parts of our self

Create a new dreaming weave together



Daily Movement Sessions with Kate + Amber

Shaolin Internal Arts with Velan Cadden

Yoga with Sibyl Buck

Restorative Yoga Nidra with Jane Fryer

Meditation with Anne Marie Hogya

Shamanic Prescriptions



What You’ll Need :

1. A computer, phone, or Ipad

2. A basic understanding of ZOOM – We will be offering a Zoom tutorial for those that need it.

3. Headphones / Airpods

4. A space to practice in – We will share information on how to prepare your physical space to hold the container in the best of ways.

The Teaching Team

Kate Shela + Amber Ryan are evolutionary movement artists in service to the emergence of each person who shows up in their laboratories. They curate sonic movement journeys and containers that weave the ever changing human into becoming accountable and fluid, leader-full and in-sight full. They are steeped in dance, ceremony, literature, fashion, theater, strength, and humor. As The 360 awakens our 10,000 eyes to see from every perspective, we walk the worlds between ordinary and non ordinary reality. We invite you to join this movement.

Anne Marie Hogya has a fierce commitment to truth seeking. Her work blends medicine with creativity and healing with imagination. For more than 25 years, all the threads of Anne Marie’s personal and professional study, the art and the science, have interconnected and allow her to be continuously fascinated with the edge of origination, where movement meets transformation. She has a Master’s of Leadership, is certified in Aboriginal Focusing-Oriented Therapy, and as an Occupational Therapist, she is an innovator in the mental health and trauma space. Anne Marie studied and trained with Gabrielle Roth and has been teaching movement and meditation for two decades. Her passion is helping people find the courage to step into possibility and the permission to be who they are.

Jane Fryer Jane Fryer, at 70, is a wisdom keeper, elder and advocate for the Ancient Future. Yoga Nidra will be her main offering at Zero. It is the most expansively relaxing and transformational of all the yogic practices. Nidra has the capacity to positively reshape the unconscious, soothe the soul, and easily guide you to embody the profound simplicity of your true nature ~ relaxed awareness. Jane’s classes are perfect medicine for where we find ourselves now; drawing on her passionate exploration and integration of individual, collective, internal, and external perspectives.

Velan Cadden is the co-founder and leader of the Sacred Seed Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica and Australia. He has trained extensively with Master Zhen Hua Yang who holds years of Taoist lineage in a form of Martial Art from the Shaolin temples. He teaches this potent internal art system which directly addresses organ health, longevity and illness prevention. Velan has been initiated in the native traditions of Vision Quest and Sun dance which influences his sharing of embodiment, healing and activism.

Sibyl Buck is known as a compassionate teacher whose love for her students is palpable.  She weaves her passion for science and research on trauma, brain chemicals, and the nervous system into a backdrop of restorative yoga, pranayama, and meditation.  Sibyl believes that through deep release, self nurturing and presence, we can access a source of self-healing within us, which subtly reshapes the context of our lives.




There are two payment options for this Online Immersion. Either you can select to pay the Suggested Contribution Ticket Option of $360, or you can choose the Sliding Scale Ticket Option and pay between $260 – $560. It is important to us that this Online Immersion is financially accessible. Please feel into an amount that is comfortable for you. In these extraordinary times, we want you to feel you can come to dance regardless of financial matters.

Suggested Contribution : $ 360

Sliding Scale Contribution Range : $260 – $560

Cancellation Policy:

If you need to cancel for any reason after you have registered for this event, you will receive a refund minus a $100 processing fee up to one week in advance of this offering (April, 26th) There will be no refunds within one week of our start date.


To register please submit all three of the registration requirements.

Your spot will not be reserved until each item is received.


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