the 360 emergence

We are movement artists in service to the emergence of each person who shows up in our laboratories.
We curate journeys and containers that weave the ever changing human into becoming leader-full and in-sight full.
To becoming accountable and fluid.


To see from every perspective. We awaken our 10,000 eyes and we ask you to do the same.
We are heart activists. The body is our divining rod, music our ally, silence our guide.
We seek balance between an inside education that beckons us into an alliance with the outside world.
We are steeped in dance, ceremony, literature, fashion, theater, strength, humor, vulnerability and power.


We are listening.
We trust The 360 vision to liberate us out of the known and off the map.
As we follow, we look forward to meeting you in this new landscape.

kate + amber

Kate and Amber go deep, nothing else interests them.


Kate brings her seership and empowerment through vulnerability. She is a shamanic healer and teacher and creates a container for life retrieval.


With roots in theatre, dance, and the art of transformation, Amber brings her soulful artistry and crystalline delivery of embodiment to The 360. She is also a maestra soundsmith.


Twogether the wild mustang heart and sweetness of spirit create the container to inspire and galvanize all walks of life in the multifaceted experience of being human. Both are steeped in the visible and invisible languages of physical embodiment.